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Batman is a formidable fighter, and he can bring justice to a few anime villains that might fear the Caped Crusader.
The legendary Batman comic series depicts the dark crime-fighting vigilante Batman, the Caped Crusader who has sworn to keep Gotham City’s streets safe from crime and villainy, no matter the cost. Over the decades, Batman has fought a dazzling variety of foes, from the cackling Joker, to the frigid Mr. Freeze, and the mind-bending Riddler, among many others.
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Now Batman is ready for another challenge beyond DC Comics. He can take on many foes from Marvel Comics. He can take the fight to villains in the Japanese manga and anime world. While Batman can’t triumph over the likes of Madara Uchiha or Sosuke Aizen, he can definitely keep the streets safe from other anime villains and save the day.
Batman wouldn’t last long against the likes of All For One or Overhaul, but he could easily dispatch the lesser League of Villains members, including the sinister Mustard. This villain is a teenage boy with a World War I-style helmet and gas mask, which protects him from the effects of his Gas Quirk.
Batman isn’t afraid of poison gas. He can put on a small air filter to protect his lungs from Mustard’s Quirk, and he’s too quick and stealthy for Mustard to hit with his revolver. Batman will take great pleasure in beating Mustard down and taking his revolver.
The explosive alchemist Solf J. Kimblee could, in theory, blow Batman away with his destructive alchemy, but he wouldn’t get a chance if these two characters ever fought. If Batman found himself in Amestris, and his job was to take Kimblee down once and for all, he’d have no problem.
Batman’s stealth is far superior to Kimblee’s or even Scar’s, and he would easily locate, stalk, and capture Kimblee in one swift attack. Batman, would have all kinds of intel on Kimblee, and wouldn’t let his state alchemist opponent ever put his hands together to set off his alchemy, and without it, Kimblee is helpless. Batman would even swipe his Philosopher’s Stone, just to be sure.
The medieval anime series Vinland Saga doesn’t involve any magic or monsters, which gives Batman a serious edge on all these characters. He could take down practically anyone in this medieval world. The beastly Thorkell in particular.
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Thorkell can defeat any other Viking in battle with his massive strength, twin axes, and expert technique, but he’s not ready to face the Dark Knight. Batman would ambush Thorkell and his men in a beer hall one evening, and take down all of Thorkell’s men before knocking out Thorkell himself. Those twin axes won’t ever touch Batman during this fight.
While Senku Ishigami fights with his brains and his inventions, a few Dr. Stone characters prefer to fight with Stone Age weapons or their bare fists, such as Tsukasa Shishio and his best ally, the spear-wielding Hyoga. Hyoga is an expert with spears, and not even a katana-wielding foe can get near him. His reflexes are incredible.
Not even Hyoga can outsmart Batman, though, who would stalk him in the Stone Age forest and take him down before any of Tsukasa’s thugs can rush over to intervene. Hyoga won’t get a chance to thrust his spear once before Batman knocks him out.
Batman wouldn’t stand a chance against the Nine Titans, but he can handle Kenny Ackerman if he is careful. In some ways, Kenny is the Batman of Attack On Titan, a highly skilled and intelligent human who can expertly maneuver in an urban environment with his ODM gear. He also carries firearms to take out human foes rather than Titans.
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Batman would fight Kenny on equal terms, and the two of them would chase each other around Trost and other cities until, at last, Batman would corner Kenny and capture him. Batman has faced guns before, and Kenny can’t scare him with pistols or rifles.
The villains in Love of Kill are just a minor threat to Chateau Dankworth and Song Ryang-Ha, and they wouldn’t stand a chance against Batman. Hou, a hot-tempered man with a spiderweb tattoo on his cheek and a fondness for fistfights and handguns is a lost cause.
No matter what kind of backup Hou brings, he wouldn’t last long against Batman, even if Batman forgoes stealth and attacks him directly. Hou’s allies Jinon Won and Nikki won’t last long either, even if they all attack Batman as a group.
The Equalists proved that with the right technique, equipment, and the element of surprise, non-benders can handily capture or knock out benders in battle. Batman is on another level entirely. Batman wouldn’t like the Equalists, but he does share some of their methods.
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Zaheer is a crafty and acrobatic Airbender, but Batman is still a few steps ahead. He could use his wits to lure Zaheer into a trap and restrain him with all kinds of tools and items. Zaheer would be helpless, and then Batman could deliver the knockout blow.
It wouldn’t be easy for Batman to track down and capture Yoshikage Kira, but he could pull it off. Women have been mysteriously vanishing in Morioh Town, and if the local police asked Batman to uncover the truth and bring justice to whoever is claiming all these victims, he wouldn’t need a Stand to do it.
Yoshikage is a sneaky and smart villain, but he’s not ready to take on Batman, and his explosive Killer Queen won’t do him much good if Batman can capture and knock out Yoshikage first. Killer Queen’s explosive power is formidable, but in a fight against Batman, Yoshikage wouldn’t get a chance to use it.
A variety of anime villains wield powerful magic or have incredible weapons, but if they are taken by surprise, they have very few defenses to rely upon, and the widely hated princess Malty is an example of that. In a fair fight, she can deal serious damage with her fire magic, but Batman knows better than to fight magic head-on.
Batman would instead hunt down Malty in the Melromarc castle or in a forest, and capture her before she even knows what’s happening. Batman could restrain her with his tools or simply knock her out with a blow to the head. Either way, this scheming princess would powerless against him.
Roberta is a powerful soldier who has extensive battlefield experience, though she is often taken lightly due to her appearance as a seemingly innocent and soft-spoken housemaid, complete with a frilly outfit. In a fight, Roberta can slaughter an entire room of heavily-armed men, and she has formidable melee skills, too.
The persistent and ruthless Robert has been compared to the Terminator, and she can do it all, from car chases to shootouts and fistfights. But not even she would last long if Batman hunted her down in Roanapur’s grimy, crime-riddled streets. Her rampage would come to an end.
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