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10 Best Comic Books Like Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World – Screen Rant

From Street Angel to Young Avengers, what are the best comic books for fans of Scott Pilgrim Vs The World?
Edgar Wright’s 2011 film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World recently celebrated its tenth anniversary, which may have inspired some people to go back to the original comic books by Bryan Lee O’Malley. Fans might also be on the hunt for comic books in the same vein as the series, and there are a number of options for readers out there.
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Curious readers searching for similar stories of young friends and lovers like Scott, Ramona, Knives, and Wallace in surreal environments and situations will likely find choices in a variety of comic books. Some are in black and white and some are in color. Some of them range from independent works like the original Scott Pilgrim series to more traditional superhero fare that still pushes the boundaries of narrative experimentation.
Fans of Canadian writer and artist Bryan Lee O’Malley will find some similar qualities to Scott Pilgrim in his 2014 graphic novel, Seconds. The iconic art style is definitely similar and the gonzo premise has the slightly surreal quality of the Scott Pilgrim series, even if more serious.
Seconds is the story of Katie Clay, a chef who discovers she can rewrite her life if she writes down her mistakes in a notebook and ingests a magic mushroom. Things go haywire though, and her problems only get worse.
Octopus Pie may appeal to fans of the series as it has a similar art style that wears its anime influences with pride. This web series, started in 2007 by writer and artist Meredith Gran, with colors by Valerie Halla and Sloane Leong, focuses on the lives of a group of young people in Brooklyn.
The series has some slight surreal qualities, though it mostly focuses on the interpersonal relationships between the main characters of Eve and Hanna, as well as their friends and lovers. Octopus Pie has been collected in print in a series of volumes from Image Comics.
Zero Girl might be of interest to fans seeking the very off-beat quality of Scott Pilgrim, wherein characters can manifest weapons and tokens from video games. The 2001 Homage Comics limited series follows teenager Amy Smooster who generates a strange fluid from her feet when she’s embarrassed and visualizes circles and squares as real.
Writer and artist Sam Kieth has a long history in comics, drawing for Marvel, DC, as well as his own creator-owned series The Maxx. The Maxx was the subject of a 1990s MTV animated series and has been part of some of the wildest comic book crossovers, including meeting up with Batman. Like Zero Girl, The Maxx shares Scott Pilgrim’s fantastical elements and bizarre worldbuilding.
Young Avengers features a cast of characters who are largely teen versions of established Marvel characters, like Kid Loki or the comic book version of Kate Bishop as Hawkeye. They battle a constant stream of bad guys and try to make sense of a strange world, not unlike the characters of Scott Pilgrim.
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Fans may also appreciate the superhero comic for its exploration of the very complicated lives of teenagers in a crazy world. They also might like it for its highly stylized art, at least in the case of Young Avengers #1 from 2013. The issue features a variant cover with art by Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O’Malley.
Another teen superhero book from Marvel Comics that might interest fans of Scott Pilgrim is Runaways. This 2003 series is composed largely of the teenage children of Marvel supervillains, who go on the run to escape their evil parents and deal with their own burgeoning superpowers.
The series follows the adventures and complicated relationships of the main characters, who, like in Scott Pilgrim, have surreal qualities – Arsenic can read the minds of dinosaurs, for example. The series was co-created by writer Brian K. Vaughn and artist Adrian Alphona and was adapted into a live-action series on Hulu.
Buffy The Vampire Slayer has a lot of overlap with Scott Pilgrim in terms of a young cast in a slightly off-kilter world. The recent run of comic books from BOOM! Studios may bring back some of that zeal fans are looking for after reading all of Scott Pilgrim.
The new BOOM! series reboots the premise, moving the timeline forward into the present and updating some details about the characters. The interpersonal relationships and high stakes are still there, and so is the general humor that is common to both franchises.
FLCL is an anime series some fans may need to watch twice to understand, but the manga version of the series will probably appeal to fans of Scott Pilgrim. Written and drawn by Hajime Ueda, the manga focuses on young protagonist Naota as he deals with Haruko, who is simply out of control.
Haruko runs Naota over and then essentially takes over his life, with lots of comedic elements and crazy action that will feel familiar to fans of Scott Pilgrim. The manga is available in the United States through a number of editions, including from Dark Horse Comics.
Street Angel is an Image Comics series by writer-artist Jim Rugg and co-writer Brian Maruca that features Jesse, a skateboarder ninja who gets into tons of combat. The gonzo visual storytelling shares a lot in common with Scott Pilgrim, as does the art style in some iterations of the series.
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A series of volumes have been produced since 2004, all of which are disconnected in continuity. The lack of connective tissue increases the surreality of the comic, which involves ninjas, pirates, and time travel.
King City is a black and white comic series with a similar blend of different styles and concepts. An anime-influenced series written and drawn by Brandon Graham, King City focuses on Joe and his pet cat as they make their living in the titular city, which is as crazy as the video game world of Scott Pilgrim.
His cat Earthling can be injected with a formula to make him perform any number of tasks, menial or truly gonzo. Aliens and other strange entities populate the city but mostly the series focuses on the characters and relationships at the heart of the story.
Love And Rockets is a seminal black and white independent comic by Gilbert, Jaime, and Mario Hernandez that at times blurs the line between reality and fantasy, particularly in the earliest versions of the comic. What is consistent throughout is the focus on the characters and their lives.
Maggie, one-half of the best comic book relationships not from Marvel or DC with Hopey, has a series of sci-fi like stories early on in the series. The setting and timeframe are often unclear as in Scott Pilgrim, especially when she gets back to her hometown.
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