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10 Comic Heroes That Sasuke Could Beat In A Fight (That Naruto Couldn't) – CBR – Comic Book Resources

Sasuke’s abilities would enable him to win many fights against comic heroes to whom even Naruto would likely lose.
The Naruto franchise showcases some of the most powerful and versatile fighters in all of anime, some with incredibly unique and creative powers. Every character is well thought out and well-created.
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However, Sasuke Uchiha stands out amongst all of these fighters for his impressive list of abilities and his quest to find great power. Over the Naruto canon, Sasuke uncovers several awesome powers that make for incredible fights, not just with his peers but potentially with heroes from other franchises. Sasuke’s abilities would enable him to win many fights against heroes to whom even Naruto would likely lose.
A water hero going up against someone who can wield the Chidori seems like a pretty transparent fight. Aquaman’s hydrokinesis is more than useless against Sasuke–it would actively harm the water hero. Aquaman’s ability to communicate with sea creatures and breathe underwater also heavily relies on the water, which would only conduct Sasuke’s Chidori.
Aquaman’s healing factor may be high, but it might not hold up against the lightning sword. At the very least, the Chidori would weaken Aquaman enough for one of Sasuke’s other abilities to finish the fight. Naruto, however, has no ability to weaponize the liquid. He also might not think to use the water against Aquaman like a scheming Sasuke would, as he is not the most tactical shinobi.
Sasuke is used to deflecting and dodging weapons like kunai, and he is trained in hand-to-hand combat. To be fair to the Dark Knight, Batman is incredibly intelligent. However, so is Sasuke. Sasuke’s intelligence is proven through his Academy scores from the very start of the first anime. This means that the three things Batman uses to take down villains (weapons, hand-to-hand combat, and intelligence) are all countered by Sasuke.
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Interestingly, both Sasuke and Batman have anger issues. This might have made them more evenly matched, if not for the fact that Sasuke has loads of other powers, namely his fire jutsu and the Rinnegan. Naruto, however, would struggle against Batman, given the Dark Knight’s mental capabilities.
There are many reasons why Sasuke could defeat the stars-and-stripes hero, but the biggest one is clearly that Captain America fights with a metal shield. One blow from the Chidori or any fire-style jutsu would injure the American hero and force him to drop the shield. Captain America is a powerful fighter without his shield, to be fair, but Sasuke has another advantage over him: Sasuke is wildly intelligent.
Sasuke could easily outsmart Captain America, and he could also easily evade the superhuman hero’s strength. Naruto, on the other hand, does not possess an easy jutsu to take the dangerous shield away from Captain America, and he might find even Kurama’s strength matched in the hero.
Hawkeye has outstanding marksmanship and is skilled at hand-to-hand combat. However, he does not have any other superhuman abilities like a powerful shinobi such as Sasuke. Hawkeye would put up a good fight against the shinobi, especially if he was fighting long-distance, but Sasuke’s ninja senses might enable him to evade the attack.
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If Barton did not snipe Sasuke from afar, it seems unlikely that the bow-and-arrow hero would win the fight. Naruto does not seem very aware of his surroundings, however, as evidenced by the many times he has been saved by peers and mentors from even sedentary things such as waterfalls.
Sasuke’s fire style techniques (such as the Uchiha’s signature jutsu or the Dragon Fire Technique) would leave Poison Ivy defenseless if he used them to create sunlight. Especially considering the Dragon Fire Technique’s ability to subdue and attack with fire from afar, there is little room to argue that Sasuke would ever need to get in close to the antihero.
This means that Sasuke likely never has to worry about Poison Ivy’s poison attacks or other powers, especially if he worked fast enough to take her out almost instantly. Naruto does not tend to attack from afar.
This antihero’s flexibility and gymnastic abilities might give Sasuke a run for his money. Harley Quinn is well-versed in hand-to-hand combat, is flexible, and does not have the limitations in fighting that a sane person has. This is impressive, but ultimately she would not hold up against Sasuke’s Genjutsu. Quinn already has a weak mind from the acid and the Joker’s manipulation; being psychologically tortured or manipulated would be the end for her.
She is not undefeatable. Even on the off-chance that torture just makes the mad hero stronger, she would still be defeated by Sasuke’s intelligence and pragmatism. Naruto would struggle against Quinn because his powerful blows, instead of deterring the antihero, would likely spur her on. Also, like Poison Ivy, she is quite a pretty girl, which wouldn’t matter to Sasuke but would to Naruto.
The Flash’s main skill is being too fast for the eye to see, but even with the most basic Sharingan (meaning Sasuke’s skill level in the original anime), Sasuke could counter The Flash’s movements, Kakashi-style. The Flash’s advanced stamina and reflexes might give him a bit of an advantage, but Sasuke was trained by both Itachi and Orochimaru, and does not have reflexes to scoff at, either.
Overall, Sasuke’s ability to counter The Flash’s trademark skills would result in a victory for the shinobi. As for Naruto, he wouldn’t be able to see The Flash’s movements the same as Sasuke, so no amount of power from Kurama or Sage Mode could help him.
Shazam has many incredible powers and few weaknesses. He might even be too powerful, but not against Sasuke. Shazam has a big weakness when it comes to the shinobi: electricity. He will turn into a boy if he is electrocuted with his own lightning bolt. If Sasuke called his Chidori at the same time as Shazam transforms, could he make that bolt of lighting a part of the lightning sword? It seems unlikely, but what is unlikely in anime?
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Even if Sasuke couldn’t perform that trick, and Shazam used his clairvoyance to predict that move, Sasuke also has clairvoyant powers in the form of the Human Path, where he can rip out someone’s soul and read their mind. Considering Shazam and Sasuke could be evenly matched, it is apparent that Naruto would need Sage Mode to defeat him.
By all accounts, a powerful superhero like the Silver Surfer would destroy Sasuke–until the Preta Path comes into play. Silver Surfer is a wielder of the Power Cosmic, a great amount of energy. Sasuke’s Preta Path technique allows him to absorb chakra (or in this case, energy) and also gain energy from his opponent’s attacks. He could both drain the Silver Surfer and use his power against him; Sasuke could effectively steal the universe’s energy from the Silver Surfer.
All of this is done without ever considering Sasuke’s hand-to-hand combat skills or his other jutsu. While Naruto’s chakra from the Nine-Tailed Fox works a lot like the Power Cosmic, without it, he would be outclassed against this hero.
It isn’t necessary to die to be defeated. That is something to keep in mind when discussing The Hulk vs Sasuke. The Hulk’s invulnerability and near-immortality would make him impervious to Sasuke’s kunai, fire, and Chidori, but Sasuke’s mental powers would be fair game.
All Sasuke would need to do would be to get the Hulk into the Tsukuyomi, and he could keep the hero under his control indefinitely. This could allow him to either imprison the Hulk or search for a more permanent end to the fight. But Naruto does not have this genjutsu and would attack the Hulk in the form of a brawl, which he would lose.
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