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10 Complete Series You Can Read On Comixology Unlimited – CBR – Comic Book Resources

Comixology Unlimited is a great service for comic book lovers and it is also home to some entire series that fans can read through to completion.
It really is a wonderful time to be a reader of comics. Along with the mainstream superhero fair, there has been a swell of genre diversity the likes of which haven’t been seen since the heyday of Vertigo. From romance to comedy to horror, there are amazing comics that everyone can enjoy every month.
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And thanks to the internet, getting your hands on these comics is easier than ever. Along with DC Universe Infinite and Marvel Unlimited for all your big two needs, there is Comixology’s Comixology Unlimited. For the cost of a single comic a month, you can get access to thousands of titles, including a number of wonderful series that have come to a close. But surfing through the selection that Comixology Unlimited offers in order to find the complete tales you can read can take a while. To help you get started, here are some series you can read from start to finish right now.
The latest Netflix hit, Sweet Tooth was created by Jeff Lemire and ran for 40-issues. The Vertigo series follows the life of Gus, a human/deer hybrid who ventures out from his home in a nature preserve in Nebraska after his father’s death to find a world of mystery and danger.
While they obviously have a lot in common, the comic version of Sweet Tooth is pretty different from the Netflix series, so reading the series on Comixology Unlimited probably won’t reveal too much about where the show is headed. And if you enjoy Sweet Tooth, the sequel series, Sweet Tooth: The Return is also available through Comixology Unlimited.
If you loved the 2019 film Alita: Battle Angel and are sad that the chances of a sequel look dim, the good news is that Comixology Unlimited has the complete manga series that the film was based on just waiting to be read.
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Similar to the movie, Battle Angel Alita tells the story of the amnesia-stricken cyborg girl Alita who uses her fighting skills to become a bounty hunter and Motorball star all while rediscovering her past. Alita: Battle Angel was only able to scrape the surface of the cyberpunk-styled dystopian world that the manga is set in.
It’s hard to properly explain the impact hip-hop has had on the world. Still a relatively new music genre, the early days of hip-hop are a mix of mythological tales and shocking reality. Ed Piskor’s Hip-Hop Family Tree doesn’t dig into every moment of hip-hop history from the genre’s start in the 1970s up to the end of its golden era in 1984, but it covers enough to give you a rich look at the story of the musical style that has become so huge. Add in Piskor’s art style that relates to the comics of the time that his series covers, and you get two history lessons for the price of one.
While most people may know iZombie from the TV series that ran for five seasons on the CW, the Vertigo comic by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred is quite different. The Eisner Award-nominated series follows Gwen Dylan a gravedigger who happens to be a zombie that can pass for a living human as long as she eats a brain once a month and her friends Ellie – the ghost of a girl who died in the 1960s – and Scott, a were-terrier.
The 28-issue series follows Gwen and her friends as they caught up in everything from fighting vampires and taking part in apocalyptic battles to having to put up with crappy technical support.
Best known for his creator-owned series Strangers in Paradise and his run on DC’s Birds of Prey, Terry Moore’s Rachel Rising is a modern-day horror tale about Rachel Beck, a woman who one day wakes up in a shallow grave with a nasty rope burn around her neck and no clue how she ended up there. With the help of her Aunt Johnny and her best friend Jet, Rachel discovers a demonic plot to destroy her hometown of Manson, Massachusetts.
A Harvey Award-winning and Eisner nominated series, Rachel Rising is filled with the style, grace, and humor that made Strangers in Paradise a fan favorite, but with the added bonus of witches and demons.
It was a sad day when fans of Netflix’s The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina learned that the show would be ending with the third season. The series, which was based on the Archie Comics book of the same name by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Robert Hack, was a fun and creepy take on the famous teenaged witch and her pals.
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Luckily, fans of the show can read the entire comic series on Comixology Unlimited while they wait for the new comic series, The Occult World of Sabrina, which picks up where the Netflix series left off, to start.
In a medium filled with superheroes, witches, zombies, and robot bounty hunters, a series about three friends going to college has to be really great to stand out, and that’s exactly what Giant Days does.
Written by John Allison, with art by Max Sarin and Lissa Treiman, Giant Days is a British comic series that follows the lives of Esther de Groot, Susan Ptolemy, and Daisy Wooton as they journey through early adulthood and college together, facing all the fears, fun, joy, and tears that come from being on your own for the first time.
While the Edgar Wright directed Scott Pilgrim vs the World is a modern cult classic with some of the best fights to ever appear in a comic book movie, the graphic novel series by Bryan Lee O’Malley that the movie is based on is even better. O’Malley’s six-volume series has the room to really explore the psyche of Scott Pilgrim and his relationships with Ramona and Knives Choa in ways that the movie was unable to. Making it even better, Comixology Unlimited has both the original black and white version of the series and the updated colorized version to choose from.
Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty became an overnight hit, and with good reason; the animated series created by animator Justin Roiland and Community creator Dan Harmon is endlessly hilarious and unlike anything else on TV. And while waiting for new episodes can be tough sometimes, fans thankfully have the Rick and Morty comics to help tide them over.
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Along with the original 60-issue run of Rick and Morty, Comixology Unlimited also has every issue of Rick and Morty Go To Hell, Rick and Morty Ever After, and Rick and Morty: Worlds Apart.
There never has been and may never be another comic series like Matt Wagner’s Grendel. Wagner’s original Grendel series, which he created with a number of artists, is a 50-issue epic tale that spans hundreds of years, starting with the life of the criminal genius Hunter Rose in the 1980s to the far future where Grendel Clans rule the Earth and the Grendel Prime must protect the life of young Jupiter, the son of Orion I and the future leader of the world.
While Grendel Tales and the current series Grendel: Devil’s Odyssey are not on Comixology Unlimted at his time, the four Grendel Omnibuses that cover the original story are all ready to be read through the service.
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