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10 Marvel Comics To Read If You Like Dragon Ball Z – CBR – Comic Book Resources

The Marvel Universe has plenty of epic cosmic battles, from galactic conquerors with giant armies to beings so powerful they don’t need armies.
Dragon Ball Z fans have it lucky compared to other anime fanatics. There are so many series and films they rarely have to try anything new. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t want to.  To be fair, the crossover between Dragon Ball Z fans and the Marvel Cinematic Universe is probably already pretty huge.
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For DBZ fans who are thinking about getting into Marvel Comics, there are plenty of options for them. The Marvel Universe has plenty of epic battles, both against galactic conquerors with their own giant armor and against beings who are so powerful they don’t need armies and can solo whole armies on their own.
Al Ewing’s version of the Guardians of the Galaxy features the team doing what it does best: protecting the galaxy. Anyone in love with the scale of Dragon Ball Z will find plenty to enjoy here, as the first arc opens with the team doing battle with gods. Things only scale up from there, as they deal with everything from the King in Black to Dormammu. Guardians is the exact kind of space-faring sci-fi that Dragon Ball Z fans should have gotten used to watching the Namek and Frieza Saga. Plus, Dr. Doom joins the Guardians. Who can say no to that?
Responsible for introducing time travel and alternate timelines into their world, Future Trunks is one of Dragon Ball Z’s most popular characters. In some of the other Dragon Ball media, Future Trunks helps patrol time to keep it safe. For fans who want to see plenty of other alternate timelines, Exiles is a great comic book for them to try out. It features a collection of superheroes from across the multiverse going to different Marvel Universes, getting into trouble, and having to work together to figure their way out of their latest problem.
Annihilation was one of the major Marvel cosmic events in the late 2000s, and its popularity eventually led to the recreation of the Guardians of the Galaxy. The event had one of the most epic openings ever, starting with the complete destruction of the Nova Corps’ home planet, and the destruction of every last Nova with the exception of Richard Ryder. The rest of the series sees a bunch of Marvel’s cosmic characters fighting a desperate battle in the hopes of confronting and defeating Annihilus and getting rid of his massive army.
Infinity was the midway point for Hickman’s Avengers run. The story features a beefed-up Avengers team facing multiple galactic-scale threats at the same time. First, they have to deal with Thanos and his Black Order looking to attack Earth when they’re off-planet.
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Second, they face off against an ancient race known as the Builders who are attacking multiple planets because they don’t fit the aliens’ definition for what makes a perfect planet. With the Avengers fighting enemies on two fronts, there’s more than enough action in this series to make Dragon Ball Z fans happy.
Dragon Ball Z fans are no stranger to heavy action tinged with horror. Immortal Hulk redefines what everyone thinks they know about the Hulk, as it’s explained he’s actually immortal and capable of resurrecting himself as many times as he wants. The Cell Saga features some of the most disturbing villain moments in shonen anime history, and likewise, the Immortal Hulk has plenty of unsettling moments over its 50 issue run. But it’s not all horror, as these powerful gamma beings duke it out across the planet.
What if a group of people who could do something about the Hulk’s temper tantrums finally did? What if they transported him off-planet where they’d never see him again? And what if his new home got destroyed…and the Hulk believed they were at fault. World War Hulk sees the Hulk come back for revenge against the Illuminati, and he tears his way through Marvel’s heroes to get to them. And much like when the Z Fighters fought Broly, none of the heroes stood a chance.
The War of Kings was the third of the many Marvel Cosmic events that happened in the late 2000s. This time around, the Guardians and the other major cosmic characters found themselves in Shi’ar space while also dealing with the Inhumans‘ acceptance into the greater galactic society after Crystal decided to marry Ronan the Accuser. Things go awry when the heroes have to battle Vulcan Summers, who had become the ruler of the Shi’ar Empire. The quest to defeat Vulcan and his incredible powers has a similar feel to the Z Fighters’ attempts to stop Frieza’s massive galactic empire.
At their cores, every Dragon Ball Z fan is a fan of martial arts. Even though the main series went away from that as they began fighting magical monsters and scientifically-engineered beings programmed to destroy them all, at the end of it every Dragon Ball Z arc is about who’s better at throwing hands.
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Immortal Iron Fist is nothing but martial arts combat. Danny Rand gets back in touch with K’un-Lun just in time for a tournament with the other Seven Cities of Heaven, while he also learns about the history of the Iron Fist users who had the power before him.
They spent several years building this up, but finally, the King in Black storyline came out across 2020 and early 2021. The story introduces Knull, the so-called god of the symbiotes. Knull’s incredible power allows him to lay waste to entire planetary systems on his way to Earth with the help of his Symbiote Dragons. King in Black is as anime as it gets, as Knull’s incredible power requires the heroes to do things they’ve never had to before. Silver Surfer gets a transformation, and defeating Knull requires the fusion of two of the most powerful objects in the Marvel Universe, creating a new weapon and a chance of victory.
Infinity Gauntlet is the story everyone thinks of when they think of cosmic Marvel superhero stories. Thanos finally gains access to all of the Infinity Gems, granting him complete and total control over all of reality in their universe. It’s as if Thanos had access to the Dragon Balls and could use them as many times as he wanted… or similar to when Zen-Oh was threatening to wipe out every universe outside the one that won the Tournament of Power. And like in the Tournament of Power, there was a massive free-for-all fight to decide who could finally get the gauntlet off Thanos.
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