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10 Most Anticipated New Comics Of January 2022 – CBR – Comic Book Resources

Tons of new comics are being released next month, both new issues and new series. Some of these comics have been highly anticipated.
January of 2022 is packed to the gills with awesome comic book releases – new issues and new series. Though, as it typically goes nowadays, tons of comics will release next month. If fans don’t know where to look, it can be hard to dig through all the other comic books until they find one they’ve been waiting for. After all, not every comic book is going to cause a line out of a comic book store door. On January 2022, it’s very possible that a solid handful of titles garner a decent amount of hype.
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From the big publishers like Marvel and DC, all the way to creator ran books coming from Image Comics, there are numerous titles coming next month that could very well blow up the comic world.
After almost sixty years of one character dawning the cowl of Daredevil, the time has come for a new face behind the mask. Having served as Daredevil since his debut in 1964, Matt Murdock has become a fan favorite for Marvel readers. But now, his on-again-off-again ally, Elektra, has taken over as a new Daredevil in the character’s mythos. Though Matt Murdock’s time as Daredevil has not come to an end, Elektra seems to be a natural in the role. If you’re an Elektra fan, you can rest assured that when Daredevil: Woman Without Fear #1 hits shelves on January 22nd: Elektra will be the one calling herself Daredevil.
Starting back in September 2021 with Darkhold Alpha, the Darkhold event has been a multi-title Marvel event focused entirely around the Darkhold, a book of dark and mystical magic in the Marvel Universe. Having spanned across titles like Iron Man, Blade, Black Bolt, Wasp, and Spider-Man, the Darkhold event is pretty big and caters to numerous different fanbases.
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But now, with Darkhold Omega releasing on January 5th, fans will get to read the culmination of all five stories as the Darkhold event comes to a close in the Omega stage.
The High Republic era has been a very successful one in the eyes of Star Wars fans. With numerous new comic and novel titles coming out every few months for the past two years or so, Star Wars fans have been living in a practical golden age of Star Wars comics.
Thankfully, on January 22nd, the golden age will continue as another story begins with Star Wars The High Republic: Eye Of The Storm. Written by Charles Soule, who has recently created numerous new Star Wars titles like Lando and Obi-Wan and Anakin, Eye Of The Storm will focus on the character Marchian Ro and his backstory.
Launching on January 11, 2022, Justice League Vs The Legion Of Superheroes is a six-issue limited series written by current Justice League writer: Brian Michael Bendis. The Legion Of Superheroes is likely to use a mix of different elements recently added into the DC Comic Universe like Darkseid‘s plans in Infinite Frontier and material from Bendis’ recent Legion Of Superheroes run, like the gold lanterns.
The summary of Legion Of Superheroes references the coming of a “great darkness,” which is likely a reference to the classic 1982 Legion of Superheroes storyline: The Great Darkness Saga. Whether this story will serve as a retcon or maybe a sequel to the original remains to be seen. Either way, the hype for two popular superhero teams facing off is undeniably there.
Rain is a new series launching in January 12th 2022, it will be the first publishing venture under Image Comics for Chris Ryall, a comic author known for books like Zombies Vs Robots Vs Amazons and Groom Lake. Rain is not completely original though, it’s an adaptation of a short story of the same title by author, Joe Hill.
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Although it’s an adaptation of a well-received story, a majority of the hype for Rain comes from the all-star creative team behind it. Author David Booher, known for books like CantoKiller Queens, and Firefly, will serve as the writer alongside artist Zoe Thorogood and colorist Chris O’Halloran.
Batman: The Knight, which releases on January 18th, 2022, is a new ten-issue mini-series by seasoned comic writer, Chip Zdarsky. The Knight is looking to tell a story not commonly told in Batman‘s mythos: the time between his parents’ murder and Bruce Wayne first hitting the streets as Batman. Begging the question: what turned an angry, frustrated young man into the greatest detective and crime-fighter that Gotham has ever known? Given Zdarsky’s extensive history with Daredevil, fans can likely expect a grounded yet emotionally intense Batman story.
The only good thing to come out of the Clone Saga, Ben Reilly is the Peter Parker clone who made his comic debut in The Amazing Spider-Man #149. But it wasn’t until 20 years later when he made his debut as Scarlet Spider, the fan-favorite alternative to Peter Parker’s Spider-Man. On January 19th, 2022, Ben Reilly will be getting his own self-titled solo series written by legendary Spider-Man writer, J.M. Dematteis.
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Ben Reilly Spider-Man has been described as an exploration through past memories of Ben Reilly Spider-Man. Because this book features a fan-favorite character and is being written by a highly proven Spider-Man author, fans can be sure this book will be flying off the shelves at local comic book stores.
From 1990 to 1995, comic author Ron Marz and artist Ron Lim had a fan favorite Silver Surfer run that is considered to be among the best runs in the character’s long history. On January 19, 2022, the highly appreciated creative team will make their return to the Silver Surfer title with Silver Surfer: Rebirth.
While the returning team does promise an all-new storyline for the Surfer, Rebirth will take place within the same time period as their original run. Judging from the awesome cover art of the first issue, fans can likely also expect the return of the original Captain Marvel, Mar-Vell.
A new superhero team is coming and this time it’s in the Spawn universe. Launching back in the mid-90s, Spawn has been the flagship title for Image Comics ever since the company was founded alongside Spawn’s debut comic release. After 27 years of development, the Spawn mythos is ready for its first superhero team. On January 12th, 2022, Image Comics will launch The Scorched, a new series telling the story of the Spawn universe’s new superhero team: The Scorched.
Members will include Spawn, Redeemer, Gunslinger Spawn, Medieval Spawn, She-Spawn, and numerous other heroes. Coming from current King Spawn writer Sean Lewis, The Scorched is sure to be packed with all kinds of awesome stuff for Spawn fans.
With her MCU debut coming in 2022, next month is perfect timing for She-Hulk to get an all-new solo series. Judging from recent Marvel comic releases preluding MCU debuts like Jed Mackay’s Moon Knight series, it’s a safe bet She-Hulk will be great for new readers and returning fans alike.
The first issue’s preview description claims that this story will “change everything” for She-Hulk and will affect her standing in the Marvel Universe. Written by Rainbow Rowell, the author behind the very successful 2015 Ms. Marvel comic, She-Hulk will definitely have a lot of hype around it as it sets to hit the shelves on January 22nd.
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