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10 Must-Read Boys' Love Manhua For BL Fans – CBR – Comic Book Resources

There are some excellent BL manhua that have made a home in fans’ hearts.
East Asian comics have made an international impression. With the booming popularity of Japanese manga, the Korean manhwa and the Chinese manhua are also on their way up. Manhua are comics published in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Although similar in origin, each of these comics has a unique approach, art style, and theme.
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As the popularity of East Asian comics rose, they started spanning out into various genres. Boys’ Love (or BL) is a genre that has made a deep impression on all sectors of the entertainment industry. Hence, there are some excellent BL manhua that have made a home in fans’ hearts.
Written and illustrated by Ka Bi Qiu, Social Temperature is an ongoing manhua about Fang Zhao Mu. Zhao Mu is an exchange student in a STEM program in the United States. Social Temperature also focuses on Song Yuan Xun, a cold person who happens to be Zhao Mu’s senior at the lab.
Mistreated by his peers and feeling out of place, Zhao Mu installs a dating app where he connects with Andrew, a kind and caring man. Unbeknownst to Zhao Mu, Yuan Xun is Andrew. Yuan Xun tries his best to be good to Zhao Mu.
Cry For Me is a completed manhua created by Jiu Yan. A chance encounter led to a life-long friendship when Gao Hang found Ye Zi crying and covered in bruises. Gao Hang, raised by his grandmother, was a strong kid. They welcomed Ye Zi into their family when he was abandoned by his abusive father.
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Growing up taking care of each other, Gao Hang and Ye Zi developed feelings deeper than friendship. These feelings, however, manifested themselves in very different ways, causing awful misunderstandings.
On a classroom inspection, student president Lin Tian-Yu finds high school freshman Xu Ze sleeping during school hours and scolds him. Thus begins Ji Jing Jun’s Too Close. An active basketball player, Xu Ze is heavily contrasted with Lin Tian-Yu, who comes from a family of reputed doctors.
An ordinary meeting transforms the lives of the two young men. They are worlds apart. Too Close follows their relationship from high school to adulthood as they work out their differences and grow closer.
Written by Wenren Niao Shi Duo and illustrated by Miji and Wuxian Zuoye, Whose Baby Is It? is an ongoing manhua. Whose Baby Is It? follows Yi Yun, a struggling actor, and Jinyao, the heir of a successful corporation. An unfortunate mix-up at an overseas fertility clinic has both men believing that Rourou, a child of prophecy, is their son.
Claiming Rourou’s paternity, the two are involved in a private custody battle. As they raise Rourou together, they start to understand each other better and arrive at a seemingly simple solution.
A completed manhua, Here U Are is Djun’s most popular project. College freshman LiHuan is an introverted guy who prefers to keep to himself. YuYang, on the other hand, is extroverted and popular. In charge of helping the freshmen find their dorms, YuYang meets LiHuan.
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Here U Are is an absolute fan-favorite due to its relatable characters and real-life situations. With a mellow art style that pleases the eye, fans find it easy to fall in love with all the characters. From coming out to overcoming age differences, Here U Are has it all.
Salt Friend is a manhua about a sensitive high school boy who frequently gets into fights and appears perpetually beat up. He’s often mistaken for a delinquent. The school bully is actually calm, but keeps up the facade of a bully to avoid being laughed at.
Jing Jian’s creative art style allows the plot to develop in a smooth and sophisticated manner. As they grow out of their shell, the pair find the joys of friendship.
Haier’s Deliverance Of The Counterattack is an ongoing manhua. Deliverance Of The Counterattack follows Cinnian Xu, the young master of a prestigious chain of restaurants. His life is in ruins because of his conniving and selfish younger half-brother. Winding up in prison, Cinnian meets Cheng Qu, who takes a liking to him.
Years later and out of prison, Cinnian starts putting his plans in motion. Equipped with his wit and cooking skills, he takes on the world with a close friend and his son, Wowo.
Set in China, Silent Lover follows the Prince of Zhen Bei, who wishes to possess the wealth and riches of the Chen family by keeping their daughter as a concubine. Chen Yu, a mute servant, is sent to the Prince instead.
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Concealing his gender and taking the Chen family’s daughter’s place, Chen Yu is constantly worried about being found out by the Prince. Afraid for his life, Chen Yu doesn’t even notice the Prince’s growing attraction towards him.
19 Days is one of the most famous ongoing manhua. Along with short, concise chapters, Old Xian’s sharp artwork and vibrant inking make 19 Days all the more popular. Zhang Zheng Xi and Jian Yi find themselves in a blooming relationship. They confront their feelings which were usually hidden behind jest.
On the other hand, He Tian and Mo Guan Shan struggle to get along. Overcoming their various differences in unorthodox ways, they try their best to put aside their differences as they depend on each other in trying times.
Based on a Chinese xianxia novel of the same name, Grandmaster Of Demonic Cultivation, a.k.a, Mo Dao Zu Shi is a manhua co-created by Kuangfeng Chui Kudang and Luo Di Cheng Qiu. Illustrated by Mao Tuan Xiao Jian Jian, Grandmaster Of Demonic Cultivation follows the story of Wei Wuxian, a cultivator infamous for his ignoble ways.
From unrequited love to politics and conspiracy, this manhua has it all. Lan Wangji, described as a pristine and handsome young man, recognizes the reincarnated Wei Wuxian and joins him on an adventure.
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