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10 Ongoing Manga That Are Starting To Get Good – CBR – Comic Book Resources

These popular anime series with manga origins are getting better with every new arc.
Manga is a type of comic book that originates from Japan. Almost every popular anime series enjoyed today started out as manga before being adapted into the highly regarded animation format. For example, Naruto and Attack On Titian are hugely popular series that first started out as successful manga comics.
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There are several popular anime series with manga origins that are getting better with each new arc. And there are some mangas that, despite their popularity, don’t have an anime adaption (yet). However, due to the amazing writing and engaging storylines, they still amass a loyal following.
The My Hero Academia manga is still ongoing. It’s currently in the Tartarus Esapees Arc, which follows the aftermath of the Paranormal Liberation War. In this arc, Deko leaves U.A. High to work alongside All might and the Top 3 Pro heroes in order to track down the remaining League of Villans members. Fans are hyped for this current arc because they get to see Deku in his more mature and dark phase as he prepares for the final battle against All for One.
The first season of Jujutsu Kaisen was a huge hit among anime fans and already has a movie in production. With the success of the franchise, it’s no surprise that fans are anticipating the current developments in the manga as well.
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Currently, the manga is in the Tokyo No.1 Colony Arc. In this arc, the Jujutsu high students are about to start the Culling Game. Yuji and Megumi head into the game with a plan to convince a sorcerer – who is also a lawyer – to help them.
As one of the best-selling manga series in Japan, Tokyo Revengers quickly gained a large fanbase. With each new manga arc, this series gets more and more popular. In the recent arc called the Three Deities, Takemitchy returns to the past after shaking hands with Mikey while trying to save his life. His new mission is to save Mikey from himself so he can live a happy life in the future. This new arc features several new and unique characters that fans can’t wait to see more of.
At the beginning of the Boruto manga, fans were skeptical about the direction of its storyline. However, the most recent developments in the manga have changed fans’ minds about the series. In the recent Code Arc, readers are introduced to Code – the last active “Inner” from Kara. His goals are to avenge Isshiki and cultivate the God Tree from a Ten-Tails. With things heating up in the manga, fan theories are circulating online about whether an important character will pass away soon.
The Dr.Stone manga has entered its final phase with the current Moon Misson Arc, which is a bitter-sweet moment for fans who are finally seeing the manga reach its end. In this arc, the crew has started to build a rocket so they can travel to the moon and find the source of the Why-man, plus the reasoning behind the petrification of mankind.
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In the past, the Why-Man threatened the Kingdom Of Science. And although the group doesn’t know much about him, his intentions are clear: keep humanity petrified.
This ongoing manga series amassed a following before it was greenlit for the anime adaption currently in the works. Spy X Family is a manga about a family of spies. In the current arc, while aboard the Princess Lorelei cruise ship, Yor receives a mission to protect Oika and her son from assassins. Ironically, Yor’s husband and daughter (Anya and Loid) also won tickets for the same cruise ship, which makes for plenty of engaging storylines considering none of them know each other’s secrets. With each new arc, fans can’t seem to get enough of this wholesome family of spies.
Despite the unusual cast of anthropomorphic animals, Beastars follows the story of students at Cherryton Academy. However, it’s not your average school life manga. This manga series is filled with mature themes that fans can’t get enough of – even if it is about humanoid animals. Currently, in the Revenge Of The Love Failure Arc, a dangerous new character makes an appearance. Known as Melon, the character is a hybrid crime lord that Legoshi must take down so his criminal record can be expunged.
Another popular series without an anime adaptation is Blue Lock, a manga that stars egotistic soccer players competing against each other for a spot as a striker on the Japanese National Soccer team. Most sports anime are about the power of friendship, which is why fans find this series so interesting, as all the characters are selfish in their own way. In the current U-2o arc, eleven selected players will compete in the Japan U-20 National Representative match where the winners gain control of the National Team.
Similar to Boruto, fans were skeptical of the Block Cover series and gave it mixed reviews. However, as the manga continued to release new arcs, fans warmed up to the series and started to consider it worth reading.
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In the most recent arc called the “Spade Kingdom Raid,” the Clover and the Heart Kingdom raid the Spade Kingdom to retrieve the captured captains and the princess. They must also stop the Dark Triad from releasing the Devils into the world.
Frieren is currently one of the most popular manga series in Japan. However, it’s another series that hasn’t been made into anime despite its popularity. Frieren tells the story of an elf called Frieren and her journey to fulfill all the last wishes of her fallen friends. In the current arc of the series, Into The North, Frieren and her friends head to the north but soon find their path blocked by a barrier that won’t open for another two years. Now Frieren and her friends must find a way over the barrier.
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