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8 Marvel Characters Who Could Beat Goku From Dragon Ball Z – CBR – Comic Book Resources

Many of Marvel’s most powerful heroes wouldn’t stand a chance against Goku, but a few would be able to beat him surprisingly easily.
Goku is the greatest hero of the various Dragon Ball series. He’s one of anime’s most well-known heroes and has a legion of fans. The powerful Saiyan hero has battled against some of the most devastating threats in anime history, and many of his fans believe him to be unbeatable. Many online flame wars have started over what characters Goku could and couldn’t beat, with his vocal fans pretty much-denying anyone could actually beat him.
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The heroes and villains of Marvel are a powerful lot, but many of them wouldn’t stand much of a chance against Goku. However, there are a number of them who would be able to defeat him, many with greater ease than one would expect.
On a sheer power level basis, Goku dwarfs Doctor Doom and his armor. Even with Doom’s magic skills, Goku is still his superior in power, but that doesn’t mean he’s superior to Doom. In fact, far from it, as Doom is much smarter than Goku could ever imagine being. He’s defeated beings that Goku would find impossible to beat with just his brains, so a mental inferior like the martial artist wouldn’t be a problem.
Goku is certainly dumb enough to walk into one of Doom’s traps, but it wouldn’t get that far. Doom’s armor has proven able to drain the power of gods, so taking Goku’s would be a piece of cake. At that point, it’s just a remarkably skilled martial artist against a suddenly much more powerful Doom, making this a simple fight for the Latverian monarch.
When one is as powerful as Scarlet Witch is, they don’t need to be a great fighter. Her reality-altering powers and sorcery skills make her an incredibly potent foe, and she has years of experience operating at the highest level of the superhero community. While Goku is certainly stronger and more skilled than her, he can’t really match any of her powers.
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Scarlet Witch has been fighting evil for long enough to know that anyone who looks like Goku is a fighter that she’s not going to want to trifle with. She has so many options for beating him it’s not funny, so all it really comes down to is how she wants to win the fight.
Goku versus Superman is the match that most want to see, but Marvel has several Superman equivalents. The most powerful is Hyperion, and much like Superman, he would end Goku. Hyperion usually hails from another universe and is frequently the most powerful hero around; one version of him beat every hero and villain on Earth, and another flew through Galactus’s head, killing him. A third was an Avenger who helped defeat the Builders and the Beyonders.
Hyperion is a no-nonsense hero who would make short work of Goku. While he could certainly match Hyperion’s power level eventually, the fight would never get that far. Goku’s survival depends on which Hyperion he’s fighting, but he’s losing against every version.
Professor X isn’t the most heroic person in the Marvel Universe, but he’s done a world of good for mutantkind. He’s the most powerful psionic talent on Earth, which basically makes him one of the most powerful people on the planet. Professor X can defeat anyone without some kind of method of telepathic protection without throwing a punch, and he can detect threats long before they ever get near him, reacting to them with the speed of thought.
So, while Goku could easily beat Professor X in a fistfight, it would never ever come to that. Goku doesn’t have any protection against the type of assault Professor X would make against him, which would make all the difference. It would be hard to make Goku much dumber, yet Professor X would manage it.
Jean Grey is one of the X-Men’s most powerful members. She’s considered the second most powerful psionic on the planet, after Professor X. If she’s manifesting the Phoenix Force, she’s gets bumped up to one of the most powerful people in the entire universe, but she hasn’t had those powers since she was resurrected. However, just with her base set of telepathic and telekinetic powers, she would easily defeat Goku.
Like Professor X, she’d know he was coming long before he got to her, which would make the fight easy for her. Her telekinetic powers would allow her to hold him still and dissect him mentally at her leisure. Goku has pretty much no chance against her.
Thanos is the Marvel Universe’s greatest villain. He’s defeated some of the most powerful beings in the cosmos, outthinking gods and overpowering cosmic beings. He’s superlatively powerful and fiendishly clever, which has made all the difference in his battles. As powerful as Goku is, he would not be that much of a challenge for the Mad Titan.
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There’s a chance that Goku’s later Super Saiyan stages would allow him to overpower Thanos, but there’s so much more to the villain than just power. Goku is a good-natured idiot, which will make a battle against Thanos a grave mismatch, even if he is by chance more powerful. Between Thanos’s much greater intelligence and sheer brutality, Goku doesn’t stand much of a chance against him.
Silver Surfer is one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe. He’s strong, can move faster than the speed of light, can channel vast amounts of cosmic energy, and can control matter. He’s nigh-indestructible and has faced down some of the greatest threats the cosmos can muster. The Power Cosmic is one of the greatest powers out there, and Silver Surfer’s skill with it would allow him to make short work of Goku.
Silver Surfer has pretty much every advantage in battle against Goku, except for Goku’s martial arts mastery. Surfer is so fast and maneuverable that Goku has little chance of hitting him. That would take the fight out of a realm that Goku was comfortable with, allowing Surfer to defeat him.
The Hulk is the strongest one there is, regardless of what version is in the fight. His fighting style is rather simple, but it’s brutally efficient, and his strength potential is infinite. While it’s possible to beat him if one acts quickly enough, once he starts getting angry, the fight is basically over. Goku is certainly going to anger Hulk, as his opening attacks wouldn’t have the oomph needed to take Hulk down.
That’s going to be a huge problem for Goku. While his attacks get stronger as the fight goes on, so do the Hulk’s. Between his ever-increasing strength, durability, and healing factor, Hulk has what it takes to survive Goku’s most powerful assaults. Goku could stay out of his way for a while, but once he gets within grabbing range of the Hulk, the fight is over.
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