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A Marvel Artist Perfectly Recreated Vegeta's Best Dragon Ball Z Scene – Screen Rant

A great and accomplished artist best known for work on Marvel Comics just perfectly recreated Vegeta’s all time best scene in Dragon Ball history!
Two of the most epic franchises that have hit the pages of comics and manga respectively are Marvel Comics and Dragon Ball, and one artist famous for their work on Marvel perfectly combined the two in a recreation of Vegeta’s best scene. After Vegeta fell to corruption and effectively returned to his original villainous state, the Z-Fighter redeemed himself once again by sacrificing his life in an attempt to kill a seemingly unstoppable villain, Majin Buu. The artist recreated the scene leading up to Vegeta’s ultimate sacrifice in a style familiar to fans of Marvel Comics. 
In Dragon Ball Z Chapter 273 titled “Farewell, Proud Warrior” by Akira Toriyama, Majin Buu is continuing his reign of terror as Vegeta has fallen victim to the corruption cast by the same sorcerer who unleashed the pink, blobish monster. When there is no one left to take down Majin Buu, Vegeta snaps out of the spell that made him so selfish and evil and decides to take a final stand against Buu. Vegeta’s son, Trunks, insists that it would be better if he joined his father in the fight against Buu, but Vegeta never intended to fight the monster but to end him at the expense of his own life. To save his son from the fate he intended for Buu and himself, Vegeta gives Trunks one final hug before knocking him unconscious and leaving him a safe distance from where he attempts to kill Buu. Vegeta then unleashes all of his power at once, creating an explosion akin to an atom bomb, seemingly vaparizing Buu and killing himself in the process. 
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In an Instagram post by artist InHyuk Lee, the artist depicts the last moment Vegeta and Trunks share together before Vegeta knocks him out and proceeds to sacrifice himself. The picture shows the father and son hugging that final hug before Vegeta’s death, with Trunks looking concerned about his father’s upcoming battle, and Vegeta pensively staring into the distance knowing full well what it will take to defeat the threat and coming to terms with his own mortality. The style in which this scene is drawn is a great deal different from the original manga style. InHyuk Lee took inspiration from their previous work on Marvel Comics which has a more realistic style than that of Akira Toriyama to put their own unique touch on Vegeta’s iconic scene. The post shows two different versions of the image with a number of different angles for each, with the first being Vegeta with gold Super Saiyan hair and the other with Vegeta sporting his classic black hair color. 
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InHyuk Lee is a comic book artist who is perhaps best known for their incredibly realistic pieces of cover art. Lee has worked on a number of titles outside of the Marvel realm, though their Marvel Comics portfolio is extensive. The Marvel books Lee is best known for includes Venom and Spider-Man, with titles under the Marvel banner but outside of the established universe including Star Wars and Alien
The iconic style of InHyuk Lee was indeed put to the test as the artist tackled a recreation of not only one of the most beloved manga in the entire fandom, but one of the most iconic scenes within that manga, and the artist completely blew it out of the park. Plus, at the end of the photo-scroll post there is an opportunity for fans to learn from this great and accomplished artist as InHyuk Lee offers art classes for beginning and intermediate artists with the information of how to enroll right there in the post. Marvel Comics artist InHyuk Lee just recreated Vegeta’s best Dragon Ball scene, and the artist did it with their unique style to utter perfection.
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Source: InHyuk Lee
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