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Afro Samurai 'Director's Cut' Remasters an Essential Manga Experience – Screen Rant

After 15 years in the wilderness, Afro Samurai returns with a vengeance in a new “Director’s Cut” edition promising sizzling action from Number 1.
After nearly 20 years, genre-smashing manga Afro Samurai is set to return to active circulation in July 2022, with a never before seen “director cut” volume from Titan Comics.
Initially published between 1998 and 2002, Afro Samurai tells the story of Afuro, a no-nonsense itinerant samurai traveling the land looking for the “Number 1” swordmaster. When Afuro was a child, his father was the Number 1, but was killed before his eyes by Justice, the Number 2 swordmaster at the time. Vowing one day to return the favor and avenge his father, Afuro spends his life focused on achieving that goal. Over the course of his quest to find and fight Justice, Afuro not only becomes a lethal swordsman himself, but also an accidental hero to hundreds of people he meets along the way.
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Using the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the Afro Samurai anime as the backdrop, the new release will also serve as the launch platform for Titan Comics’ new manga imprint, Titan Manga. The new release will consist of two volumes featuring the remastered art of the original series. There will also be a specially-commissioned new cover and a new foreword by Afro Samurai creator Takashi Okazaki. The first 176-page volume, which is set to go on sale on July 26, 2022, will cover the beginning of Afuro’s quest for vengeance that puts him in the sights of numerous warlords and assassins, including the feared Empty Seven Clan who, like Afuro, are looking to kill Justice. Enjoy a preview of the issue shared by ICv2:
Incorporating Okazaki’s interests in soul, rap music, and hip hop culture, Afro Samurai launched as one of very few manga with a Black protagonist. Okazaki began publishing the story in Nou Nou Hau, a self-published comic anthology magazine created by Okazaki and some fellow mangaka. Despite its non-traditional beginnings, Afro Samurai went on to become one of the most beloved independent mangas of all time. It also led to a range of opportunities for Okazaki. In 2018 Okazaki worked on the animated film Batman Ninja. Beginning in 2021, he worked on several titles for Marvel Comics including the cover art for Star War: Darth Vader #24, Devils Reign Winter Soldier #1, and the upcoming Spider-Punk #2. Okazaki also authored the first episode of the 2021 anime anthology Star War: Visions, entitled, ‘The Duel.’
A few years after the last issue of its original run, Afro Samurai was made into a 5-episode anime series and a feature-length television movie. The television movie, Afro Samurai: Resurrection won the 2009 Emmy Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation. After the success of the anime, in 2008, Okazaki published a redrawn version of the original for distribution in the United States.
This trail of success began with Afro Samurai, as the unique manga broke through and found a huge fanbase who remain eager for more. Now, Afro Samurai returns in an epic director’s cut that’s sure to prove a must-read volume for fans and newcomers alike.
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Source: ICv2
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