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Avengers #50 Preview: Marvel Misses an Opportunity – Bleeding Cool News

Welcome to Friday Night Previews, Bleeding Cool’s way of saying “thanks for the clicks” by giving you more opportunities to click on more articles, lovingly generated to 90% completion by a previewbot and then artfully enhanced with clickbait headlines and just enough commentary in the opening paragraph to meet Bleeding Cool’s clickbait SEO standards (and not a penny more!). We’re happy because our article count is bolstered, you’re happy because, assuming you can get through all the popup ads, you get a sneak peek of the Marvel and DC comics coming out next week. Everybody wins! In a move sure to result in bare bottom spankings from C.B. Cebulski for the interns charged with keeping track of these things, Marvel screwed up and accidentally made it so that the current series’ Avengers #50 is the legacy numbering Avengers #750, robbing Marvel of the opportunity to put out two oversized and extra-priced milestone issues. If only they’d planned it better, they could be doing Avengers #50 this month and Avengers #750 next month, but alas, we’ll have to settle with one extra-oversized, extra-extra-priced milestone. When life gives you lemons…
(W) Jason Aaron, Christopher Ruocchio (A) Aaron Kuder, More (CA) Ed McGuinness
Supersize extravaganza of Earth’s mightiest action and surprises!
Witness the jaw-dropping conclusion of “World War She-Hulk!” Learn the true purpose of the prehistoric Avengers! Uncover the shocking secret of the Iron Inquisitor! Behold the most powerful collection of super-psychopaths that any Earth has ever seen! Watch the Avengers recruit some shocking new members! And follow the Ghost Rider on a quest for vengeance across the Multiverse that will spark an all-new era in Avengers history!
Plus: A bonus story featuring Thor by Christopher Ruocchio and Steve McNiven!
In Shops: Dec 01, 2021
SRP: $9.99
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