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There are more cartoons out now than ever before, so which of the currently airing comic book cartoons are the best?
It’s hard to argue that comics have ever been close to the position they’re in today. Studios are eager to new IP with existing fanbases, and comics have that in spades. So rather than inventing any new stories and characters, every major streaming service has gone out and acquired a ton of comic books and manga they can turn into something else.
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And while more often than not these comics are turned into movies or television series, sometimes they manage to make their way into the world of cartoons. But there are more cartoons out now than ever before, so which of the currently airing comic book cartoons are the best?
MODOK’s series is something literally no one was asking for, so of course, it had to be better than what everyone was expecting. This version of MODOK was the leader of AIM before they fired him because they went bankrupt. With no job, MODOK has to re-evaluate his life while also still taking care of his family, which includes his wife Jodie and his two children.
The MODOK animation style is stop-motion, making the series look like a Robot Chicken episode. Hulu went the binge route with this series as well, meaning the entire series was available to watch from day one, and despite people being against it at first, that opinion quickly changed.
Worn out from traditional superhero fare? Want something that’s entirely different, yet still connected to the Marvel Universe? Want a series with gratuitous violence and swearing? If the answer to all of these is yes, then Hit-Monkey is a no-brainer. The series follows a monkey who’s taught in the art of assassination by the ghost of an assassin named Bryce Fowler.
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Hit-Monkey chooses to go after other killers in Japan, bringing him into conflict with a number of well-known Japanese characters like Lady Bullseye, Silver Samurai, and Fat Cobra. The series is ten episodes long and recently finished its first season on Hulu, airing all of the episodes at once.
Teen Titans Go! was initially poorly received, as it looked so drastically different from the 2003 series that became a smash hit. But over time, people began to realize the series’ good points. It’s easily one of the funniest shows on Cartoon Network and has been a mainstay on the channel for the better part of a decade.
It’s managed to carve out its own niche same as the first cartoon, and the superhero world is all the better for it.
The What If…? Concept had been around in comics dating back to the ’70s, offering glimpses at what parts of the Marvel Universe would look different if one major event changed. It’s only natural then that Marvel introduces an animated version for the MCU, allowing them to show iconic moments of the MCU but in a different light.
The series gave fans a chance to witness the multiverse’s potential, with new heroes dealing with brand-new problems. The series built up to an amazing finale, but a Season 2 is confirmed to be in the works.
Super Crooks is technically an anime, from the creative cast of BONES, the studio responsible for animating it. However, the series was originally based on a comic book by Mark Millar and Leinil Francis Yu.
The story idea behind this is clearly from a Western comic, so it belongs here as much as anything else. The story centers around a crook named Johnny Bolt, who wants to recruit a team to help him get a heist off. Netflix has already shown this series’ first season, starting on November 25th.
There’s not a funnier cartoon aimed at adults on the market right now. Harley Quinn stars the former villain as she tries to establish a name for herself away from her ex-boyfriend, The Joker. Initially, she tries to join the Legion of Doom, but over time she gathers a group of friends who she comes to value more than being a member of the Legion.
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The series manages to take a cynical view of Batman and Commissioner Gordon, but other than that, it’s one of the sweetest shows on television. Harley’s developing relationship from friends to lovers with Poison Ivy, combined with her gradual rehabilitation make both seasons compelling television.
Amazon Prime Video grabbed another hit when they finally managed to turn Robert Kirkman’s Image series Invincible into a television series. Kirkman is as much involved in the cartoon as he was in the comic, which gives the show an additional authenticity that’s not going to be found on most television series. The story follows Mark Grayson, a teenager who only recently gained superpowers, while he’s being trained and raised to become a hero by his dad, Omni-Man.
Invincible’s opening season was considered by fans and critics alike as a smash hit, and as a result, Amazon didn’t hold back greenlighting two more seasons for the series, meaning there are plenty of arcs the series can adapt.
DC Universe originally used Young Justice’s return as a selling point, as fans spent years begging for the series to make a comeback. And DC didn’t let fans down, with showrunners Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti returning to make a third season, Young Justice: Outsiders. And after that series was a smash hit, they moved on to do another season in Young Justice: Phantoms.
Young Justice stands out as a series that never focuses for too long on a main cast, instead expanding outward to develop the entire DC Universe for fans. Weisman effortlessly weaves in DC Comics characters, making their appearances make sense while not being off-putting.
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