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DC: 9 Best Black Adam Comics You Need To Read Before The Movie – GameRant

Black Adam is one of the most iconic DC villains, so before the next movie comes out, it’s worth taking a look at these stories from the comics.
Black Adam is one of the most recognizable villains to comic book fans worldwide, created by Otto Binder and C. C. Beck. Born in Khandaq thousands of years before any Justice League to an Egyptian Pharoh, Black Adam was gifted powers from the wizard Shazam — however, there was betrayal afoot. Shazam's daughter made a deal with the Egyptian gods to alter the source of Adam's power.
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Instead of working under the wizard Shazam, Adam worked under the Egyptian gods. Eventually, this caused a split between Adam and the Wizard as Adam grew more callous and dictatorial. Finally, the wizard stripped Adam of his powers and sealed him away inside a scarab. Adam would not return for some time, but when he did, it would be as one of the most dangerous villains in the DC universe. With the character set to appear in an upcoming movie, here are some of his best stories over the years.
The Marvel Family #1 by Kerri Therian was released during the golden age of comics, and marked Black Adams's first appearance. Along with the Marvel family characters of the time, this series dominated the landscape every month it was released.
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The cast consisted of Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel, and Captain Marvel Jr., the once most famous superhero family in America. This series would be the start of Black Adama's tenure in the DC universe, which would span over seventy years.
The Power of Shazam is a graphic novel published by DC Comics. This story was yet another retelling of Billy Batson's origin and history and included a much deeper dive into the villainy of Black Adam and his motives.
Bill,y as Captain Marvel (portrayed by Zachary Levi in the upcoming Fury of the Gods), faces off against a sinister man known as Theo Adam, who stole and released the power of a sacred scarab that contained Black Adam’s essence. This story won the comic buyer's fan award in 1994.
Savage Times is a several-issue run by Geoff Johns, David S. Goyer, Rags Morales, Leonard Kirk, and Patrick Gleason. It follows multiple members of the JSA on simultaneous adventures. Most notably, Captain Marvel, Hawk Girl, and Mr. Terrific find themselves back in time, facing off with the Immortal villain Vandal Savage and an older version of Black Adam.
In this story, Captain Marvel must take on a rageful Black Adam who has had the power of Shazam much longer than he. Savage Times has been recently released in a trade paperback by DC comics, making it available for fans to pick up before the movie is released.
Another multi-issue run headed by Geoff Johns, Black Reign followed a team that consisted of former JSA members and anti-heroes like AdamSmasher, Hawkman, and Nemesis. The team was led by Black Adam after an unfortunate turn of events saw a prominent Villain walk free.
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The run went on for several issues, and dove into the grey areas of heroism. This arc was one of Black Adam's deep descents back into his authoritarian personality and his segue into being a staple villain of the comics.
JSA: Black Vengeance is a somewhat direct sequel to Black Reign. This story explores the relationship between Black Adam and Atomsmasher during the crisis of Eclipso plaguing the JSA, as well as the issue of the Spectre having no human tether.
Another collected run by Geof Johns, the story unfolded in Khandaq and played on Black Adam’s shifting morals from hero to anti-hero to villain, and back again. After a mighty battle, the story was wrapped up, but Black Adam continued to alternately be an asset and a menace.
DC’s World War III was a story contained in the 52 event of the same year. It followed Black Adam's descent into complete madness from the death of his people and his love, similar to his upcoming appearance in Fury Of The Gods. Adam scoured the entire globe causing nothing but chaos and destruction.
Written by Grant Morrison, World War III is an explanation story of the mainstage story of 52, describing the drastic changes that took place surrounding the most notable heroes in the event. It took the entirety of the DC comics heroes to stop the cataclysm, and although the day was saved, the JLA could not call it a victory after the smoke cleared.
A sequel to World War III, this story by Peter Tomasi follows Black Adam on a mission to reclaim his power and resurrect his fallen love, Isis. Driven mad by his grief and loss, Black Adam seeks to turn against the gods themselves, whom his power comes from, and take it from them in full.
The paragon of DC heroes are still after the madman. They have no clear end goal of what to do with him, but wanting him to pay for his crimes. This issue cemented Adam as an uber-villain in DC continuity.
Black Adam and Isis is a collection of issues by Matthew Sturges, Jerry Ordway, and Geoff Johns that centers around Black Adam, Isis, Felix Faut, and the JSA. The JSA try to gather themselves after a near catastrophe; they regroup just in time to stop Black Adam once again after he goes off the rails along with his lover, Isis.
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This story takes many shocking turns as Adam creates his own “Marvel Family” using the stolen power of the rock of eternity. These also happen to be the final issues in the JSA run by Geoff Johns.
Villains United is a six-part miniseries that leads up to the events of Infinite Crisis, which ranks among the best DC moments. Created by Gail Simone, Dale Eaglesham, and Val Semeiks, the story of Villains United follows the new incarnation of the Secret Six, which now consists of Lex Luthor, Deathstroke, Talia al'ghoul, Black Adam, and the Calculator.
The story follows the recruitment of an army of villains, who intend to shift the paradigm and finally wipe out the heroes for good. Infinite Crisis and its tie-ins are highly acclaimed and arguably some of the best writing at DC Comics of the last 20 years.
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