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Deadpool Manga Reveals Who's the Strongest Between All Might and Thanos –

By Evan Valentine – April 1, 2021 05:24 pm EDT
Deadpool: Samurai is one of Marvel’s biggest forays into the world of manga, with the Merc With A Mouth Wade Wilson getting his own story in the medium and the latest chapter has blown away fans by answering a question they never thought they’d ask: is All Might or Thanos stronger? With one of the biggest My Hero Academia heroes making a surprise appearance in this Marvel manga spin-off, it seems as if a battle between the servant of death and the symbol of peace might be on the horizon in this Deadpool tale.
Deadpool: Samurai is one of the highest-selling stories that Marvel Comics is currently producing, not only giving us a manga take on the insanely popular X-Men character, but also taking the opportunity to feature a number of other characters from the Marvel stable to help give Wade Wilson plenty on his plate for this story. With the Mad Titan hitting the scene of the manga and easily dispatching the Hulk, the chapter does the impossible and not only brings in All Might from the pages of My Hero Academia but also has him seemingly defeat Thanos with a well placed “Detroit Smash”.
Twitter User Atsushi 101X shared a few pages from Shonen Jump’s Deadpool series that shows All Might doing the impossible and seemingly defeat the Mad Titan who eliminated half of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the snap of his fingers during Avengers: Infinity War:
Deadpool x My Hero Academia crossover is officially happening!
All Might arrives in the latest chapter of Deadpool!
There has yet to be an official crossover between the Marvel Universe and the heroes of My Hero Academia, but this is certainly the closest that we’ve seen to date. With a special comic being made years ago that pitted both the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Avengers against the Titans of Attack On Titan, we definitely wouldn’t be surprised if we see a full-on crossover play out in either the Marvel Comics or the manga of Weekly Shonen Jump one day. Of course, Marvel might need to hurry as the manga of My Hero Academia has seemingly entered its “Final Act”.
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