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Deadpool Teamed Up with MHA's All Might to Beat Thanos – Screen Rant

Deadpool has had some wild team-ups over the years, but during his very own manga series, he and a version of All Might utterly destroy Thanos!
During the events of Deadpool‘s manga series, Deadpool: Samurai, the Merc with a Mouth fights side-by-side with My Hero Academia’s favorite hero, All Might, to come out on top in a battle against the Mad Titan himself, Thanos. Deadpool might not have meant to call in this overpowered character at first, but after handily dispatching one of Marvel’s most evil villains, Wade Wilson sure is happy his cameo panned out the way it did.
Seen in chapters nine and ten of this wild limited series, Deadpool: Samurai, by Sanshirou Kasama and Hikaru Uesugi, gives Marvel and My Hero fans the epic team-up they never knew they wanted or even thought possible. Set in Japan as Deadpool travels around acting like the over-the-top hero he’s known to be, Wade Wilson eventually meets his match in a recently “regenerated” version of the Avengers’ villain, Thanos, and is immediately taken to task by an overpowered enemy that very rarely shows mercy.
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After killing the Hydra minion that summoned him to the battlefield, Thanos easily K.O.s this series’ version of Venom, Hulk, and even one-shots a Venomized Deadpool calling himself Venny-Pool (yes, really), only for Deadpool to realize he’ll need way more help than he originally suspected in taking down this baddie. Pulling out a communication device with Captain Marvel’s logo on it, Deadpool attempts to call in “the Avengers’ most powerful ally” to take down Thanos once and for all but accidentally ends up texting someone far more unexpected, especially considering he’s not even part of the Marvel Universe.
Slapped down by Thanos just as he’s about to send out his distress call, Deadpool gives credit where credit’s due, saying, “Thanks to you, my finger slipped…Now I sent that message to the wrong guy!!” Showing a now concerned Thanos the famous U. A. High School logo from My Hero on his device display, the duo are interrupted mere seconds later by a cry of “Detroit Smash!” signaling the arrival of the former number one hero himself, All Might. Going on to officially team up, Deadpool botches his chance at helping All Might after tripping on a rock, allowing All Might to unleash a wildly powerful United States of Smash attack, essentially taking Thanos out of the fight.
Often needing the entire Avengers and then some to even make a scratch on the guy, Thanos being one-shotted by All Might stands as definitive proof of All Might’s true strength as a hero and his efficiency on the field of battle. And although Thanos makes one last-ditch effort to ruin Deadpool’s day before finally falling to the injuries inflicted by All Might, the fact that My Hero’s most popular hero was even an option to join the fray in the first place shows that his popularity is only rivaled by his ability to beat down a baddie who would most likely need the full power of the fabled Infinity Gauntlet to bring All Might down.
So while in the past Deadpool has teamed up with his fair share of iconic heroes in Marvel Comics, mixing it up with a major manga star and cross-franchise character of All Might to make a “god-tier collab” is one for the ages. Thanos getting utterly trounced by the dynamic duo that is Deadpool and All Might is a huge nerd moment for fans, so let’s hope we get another Marvel x My Hero Academia crossover soon!
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