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Documentary Slugfest About Marvel And DC From Russo Brothers Is Coming To The Roku Channel – Comic Years

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Face front, True Believers, but the documentary about the biggest (and still ongoing) battle in the comics industry is finally going to see the light of day. Produced by Joe and Anthony Russo, the Marvel and DC documentary Slugfest is coming to the Roku Channel this Christmas. Slugfest is based on the book of the same name by Tucker Reed, meticulously detailing the rivalry between DC and Marvel comics over 50 years. Certified Fan Boy™ Kevin Smith will narrate the documentary, which explains why he knew when it was done filming.
The biggest movie of 2021 is going to be Spider-Man: No Way Home, and the most-anticipated movie for 2022 is a toss-up between The Batman and The Flash (which has two Batmen). Even though comic books have enshrined themselves as a significant part of American pop culture, the slugfest between the two titans of publishing continues. Even if you don’t already know who Julie Schwartz or Mike Hobson is, fans at all interested in the history of these characters will get a kick out of the Slugfest documentary.
Marvel and DC Documentary Slugfest Superman vs Spider-Man Image via DC Comics and Marvel Entertainment
“Audiences will leave Slugfest with a whole new of understanding of how the rivalry between two creative powerhouses shaped the iconic storylines and characters that fans around the world have come to know and love,” the Russo Brothers said. They also added that they were “thrilled to partner with The Roku Channel” to release the Slugfest documentary, finally. Originally set for Quibi, the Grand Opening/Grand Closing of that app meant countless projects stalled, left without a home.
“Collaborating with the Russo Brothers to tell the backstory behind one of the most epic creative battles in the history of Hollywood was an incredible experience and we can’t wait to share this story with audiences,” Brian Tannenbaum, Head of Alternative Originals for The Roku Channel, told Comic Years in a statement.

Are you excited to watch this documentary? Have you read the Slugfest book? Share your favorite stories or legends about the Marvel and DC Comics rivalry in the comments below.
Featured image via Marvel Entertainment and DC Comics
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