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How exactly did manga dethrone American comics? – Boing Boing

Formerly a punchline, superheroes are globally ubiquitous and the go-to genre in Hollywood. The success of the cape and tights crowd might suggest a similar apex of popularity in their medium of origin, comic books. On the contrary, superheroes are in crisis away from their thrilling exploits on the silver screen.
Let’s not mince words; manga is devouring American comics whole. Whereas Marvel and DC struggle to retain readers, manga publishers dominate sales at home and abroad. To many American comic loyalists, it seems surreal. When you consider the disadvantages manga has compared to American books—such as being printed in black and white—the achievement becomes even more compelling. In a fascinating video, the brilliant YouTube channel Storied takes a deep dive into the reasons American comics lost ground to their Japanese counterparts. 
Do a powerbomb In a short period, Daniel Warren Johnson has become one of the most exciting creators in comics. Johnson’s pencils feel like the cornerstone of a new visual identity for American comics with his sketchy style that deftly fuses manga and Western comics. Not content to only be recognized for his titanic talents as an artist, Johnson also… READ THE REST
Superman and Hitler Image Superheroes have always been political and, consequently, controversial. Revisionist history will lead you to believe that the first issue of Captain America (where Steve Rogers punches Hitler in the face) earned unanimous praise upon publication, but Marvel—then known as Timely comics—received a ton of backlash for the cover. If you ignore the Nazi sympathizers, which… READ THE REST
How exactly did manga dethrone American comics? - Boing Boing Last week, we got news that acclaimed comics artist Ronald Wimberly’s webcomic, GratNin, was heading to Kickstarter for a fancy boxed accordion-style print version of the “endless scrolling” comic. From the press release: Cartoonist and storyteller extraordinaire Ronald Wimberly and Philadelphia-based boutique publisher Beehive Books are launching a Kickstarter campaign for the first-ever print edition… READ THE REST
How exactly did manga dethrone American comics? - Boing Boing After having spent more time at home than you ever did in your life over the last couple of years, you might’ve learned to perfect a fancy drink or two. But now that you can invite all your buddies over to show off your fancy mixology skills, even if that means pouring them a big glass… READ THE REST
How exactly did manga dethrone American comics? - Boing Boing Do you ever log onto your computer at the beginning of your workday and realize you have no idea where to start? There are just so many tasks to keep track of each and every day! And it’s not just that. While working online is a massive improvement over the analog days (who actually misses… READ THE REST
How exactly did manga dethrone American comics? - Boing Boing We’ve come a long way with technology in the past forty years alone. You would think that in our digital age — when all of our lives are seemingly tied to computers, iPhones, and the cloud — we would understand more about these devices and how they work. But that isn’t really the case. Most of us… READ THE REST
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