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Manga Is More Popular Than Ever, And Marvel Is Capitalizing On It – Screen Rant

VIZ Media is creating its own original line of manga especially for North American audiences after manga surges in sales and popularity.
Manga is more popular than ever and Marvel is capitalizing on it. According to information from VIZ Media, manga is experiencing record high sales and popularity surges. This is causing a major shift to meet the growing demand.
VIZ Media is the world’s largest manga licensor. It publishes Shonen Jump and Shojo Beat, among other magazines. It has been providing North American audiences access to manga since 1986 and has continued to expand over the years. Titles in its catalog include My Hero AcademiaOne-Punch ManChainsaw Man, Dragon Ball Super, and Urusei Yatsura, among many others. VIZ also has numerous global partnerships, including with Nintendo to provide manga for The Legend of ZeldaPokémon, and Splatoon.
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Per contact with VIZ Media, manga has grown significantly over the last couple of years. As a result, the manga licensor is expanding into publishing and is also engaging in a new partnership. Marvel Comics and VIZ Media will join forces as VIZ moves forward with plans to grow once more. In order to meet the demand of readers, the company will begin publishing locally created manga. These will be North American-based stories, shortening the time that fans have to wait to receive new chapters and volumes. Additionally, Marvel will be part of creating some of these stories, placing some of its characters into brand new stories.
VIZ Media has cited sales of My Hero Academia and Demon Slayer as examples of high demand, with My Hero Academia having nine million copies in print with one million copies of just Volume One. Demon Slayer has over four million copies in print. Both have been on national bestselling lists. Chainsaw Man Volume Four outpaced anticipated sales, similarly selling more copies than some best-selling novels. Now, the company will begin selling manga under a new program: VIZ Originals. Under this heading, VIZ will develop manga, anime, films, and merchandise developed by local creators.
Already there are two original series that are being developed as VIZ Originals: World Piece and Devil’s Candy. They will release this summer. World Piece is a sci-fi adventure created by Josh Tierney and Agroshka. Devil’s Candy is a supernatural high school comedy created by REM and Bikkuri, which was originally developed as a webcomic. With this new shift adding a different operation to VIZ’s broader mantle, fans will be able to enjoy stories faster. Normally, fans have to wait for manga like Chainsaw Man and Dragon Ball Super to debut in Japan, then be licensed and translated before being put on the overseas market. This causes a significant delay between experiencing the stories fans love worldwide, which can even lead to spoilers occurring long before North American fans get the chance to catch up.
As part of the partnership with Marvel, VIZ Media will be releasing volumes of Marvel Meow and Deadpool: Samurai! in the future. Chewie – Captain Marvel’s Cat – will be going up against Thanos, Spider-Man, Galactus, Iron Man, and Deadpool, among other Marvel characters, causing flerken feline mayhem. Deadpool will be taking another trip to feudal Japan to fight in samurai battles in an ongoing series following fan demand for more after the one-shot of the same title was released. This series, written by Sanshirou Kasama with art by Hikaru Uesugi, will be translated into English. These are just the first of probably many titles to come from Marvel’s partnership with VIZ Media. The future of manga seems to be bright, which isn’t surprising considering how much growth the medium has had over the last several decades, and Marvel is going to be helping to drive it towards further success.
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