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Marvel: 5 Anime Vampires Blade Would Slay (& 5 That Would Beat Him) – CBR – Comic Book Resources

Marvel’s half-vampire, half-vampire hunter Blade was adapted to anime in 2011, making fans wonder how he’d fare against various anime vampires.
Whether in comics, movies, anime, or novels, vampires remain among the most popular supernatural creatures in modern fiction. They are predatory killers, simultaneously immortal and undead, feeding on the blood of mortals. Some are brutal hideous monsters, while others are tragic romantics doomed to outlive anyone they might love.
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Anime has depicted some truly memorable vampire stories, such as the series Tokyo Ghoul and the many adaptations of Vampire Hunter D. Meanwhile, one of the most popular vampire hunters of all time, the dhampir Blade, has also crossed over into anime, starring in his own series in 2011. Of course, Blade is best known for his appearances in Marvel comics and his trilogy of live-action films. But now that he is an anime character, how would he fare against some of anime’s other famous vampires?
Vampire Knight is the story of a girl named Yuki Cross who was once saved from a vampire attack by another vampire named Kaname Kuran. The two share a mysterious connection and work to make it possible for humans and vampires to coexist.
In truth, Kaname Kuran is fairly powerful, but most of his powers involve controlling other vampires—something that probably would not work on Blade. After all, Blade is a dhampir, which is to say half-human and half-vampire. His anatomy makes him immune to most vampires’ weaknesses.
Ken Kaneki is the star of Tokyo Ghoul, and though he was born a human, he was turned into a Ghoul after an organ transplant. Normally, “Ghouls” are their own unique species, so Ken is one of the few people to be “turned” into one. He began as a very weak character, but over the course of the series, grew to become incredibly powerful.
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Blade could easily put Ken down during his early days as a newly-turned Ghoul. However, he eventually grew to become known as the One-Eyed King, anf by that point, Blade would not stand a chance in a fair fight.
Touka Kirishima is another character in Tokyo Ghoul, often called “best girl” by fans. She has a tough-as-nails exterior and can usually back it up, but she also nurtures a compassionate side that she lets slip around those she trusts and cares for.
Touka is strong, but being strong is not enough when dealing with someone like Blade. Ghouls have the ability to manifest powers through a special organ known as a kagune. Touka’s kagune is a bio-electric wing-like appendage that she attacks with. But Blade has fought Dracula. A one-winged ghoul is no match for him.
D is the protagonist of several anime and video games, having originally debuted in Hideyuki Kikuchi’s manga Vampire Hunter D. Like Blade, he is a dhampir, or half-vampire. The two have similar powers, such as superhuman strength, speed, and senses, as well as healing abilities. They also have mastered many of the same weapons.
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However, D has the ability to use magic— something Blade can’t do. Furthermore, even though D looks quite young, he has lived for millennia. This gives him an amount of experience that Blade cannot hope to compete against.
Blood: The Last Vampire is a classic anime film, albeit a near-forgotten one these days. The protagonist, a young woman named Saya, is the last vampire referred to in the title. She is immune to sunlight, and is implied to be partially human, but her full weaknesses and strengths are unknown.
Just as Blade hunts vampires, Saya hunts batlike monsters called Chiroptera. However, all of the other vampires in Saya’s world are gone. This suggests it is fairly easy to kill them. And Blade is very, very good at killing vamps.
Mars Red is an anime set in Japan during the 1920s and is about a special Japanese government task force designed to confront vampires. Most of the members of this unit are vampires themselves.
Defrott (whose name is transliterated as Deflot on some English-language sites) is a child-like vampire who can move so fast that a human eye can’t see him. He is also an actor who speaks with profound elegance. Defrott’s force of personality would overwhelm Blade’s stoic resolve, but more than that, it is the vampire’s speed that would ultimately ensure his victory.
The original 2013 Strike the Blood anime is set on an artificial island in Japan’s southern waters. The protagonist, Kajou Akatsuki, is a high school student who has recently become a vampire.
For someone like Blade who has extensive experience hunting the undead, a newly-turned vamp is no challenge at all. If the two ever fought, the fight would be over the moment that the Marvel hunter unsheathed his sword.
In the Hellsing manga by Kohta Hirano (and the anime adaptations), Alucard is one of the most powerful vampires who ever lived. He was bound to serve the English government’s Royal Order of Protestant Knights— an occult organization that fights supernatural threats. Alucard’s powers are incredible. He can withstand silver, even sunlight.
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There are few vampires in all of literature as powerful as Alucard. He wields powerful black magic, can shapeshift into almost any form, transform into mist, phase through solid matter, teleport, dominate the souls of his victims, and conjure constructs of solid matter from his own mind, to name just some of his abilities. Blade wouldn’t stand a chance against Alucard.
At the start of Hellsing, Seras Victoria is a cop who is captured by a vampire. Alucard shoots the other vampire—through Seras. He then turns her into a vampire.
Seras grows stronger and wiser throughout the series, but for the first half of the story, she is a weak and naïve baby vamp who only survives the horrors of the world because of her master. If she met Blade, there would not be enough of her left to bury.
The protagonist of Devil’s Line is a brooding half-vampire named Yuki Anzai. To be clear, he is no pushover and has the superhuman strength associated with vampires, but when it comes right down to it, Yuki is not a natural fighter.
Meanwhile, Blade is a master at combat (as should not be a surprise, considering he is literally after a weapon). Blade has staked some of the toughest vampires that ever walked the earth. There would not be enough of Yuki left to fill an urn.
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