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Marvel Characters and Their Anime Counterparts | ScreenRant – Screen Rant

Marvel and anime both have large fanbases all over the world. It’s no wonder that their characters also bear certain similarities.
Marvel Comics (and its accompanying cinematic universe) along with anime have both secured large fandoms of their own all over the world. While these realms of pop culture are unique in their own ways, Marvel and anime share some similarities. These common elements can include the powers of personality types of the lead characters.
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For instance, Spider-Man captures the youthfulness of every other shounen protagonist while physically powerful Avengers like Captain Marvel and Hulk are comparable to Dragon Ball characters. With such resemblances, fans can only wonder if such Marvel and anime characters could appear alongside each other in the near future.
Bruce Banner is a mild-mannered scientist in the Marvel Universe but when he grows angry, he turns into a green giant capable of immense destruction. Broly is an antagonist in the Dragon Ball franchise whose physical strength and uncontrollable rage easily make him the equivalent of the Hulk and his powerful Multiverse versions.
Even though Hulk is largely a hero, his activities can also turn him into a villain at times. Just like how Banner loses control over himself while evolving into Hulk, Broly too shows a lack of control when he attains his Super Saiyan Full Power form. Further, both characters are associated with the shade of green with Hulk’s green skin and Broly’s green hair.
With great power, comes great responsibility. This is the motto on which Peter Parker leads his heroic life as Spider-Man. He’s always ready to learn new skills to become not only New York’s protector but also a responsible Avenger.
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This is comparable to the struggles of shounen characters like Naruto Uzumaki, a shinobi who desires to be the world’s greatest ninja. For the pursuit of their respective goals, both characters train hard and challenge their own notions of heroism. At the same time, Peter and Naruto aren’t that serious in nature. They can be very talkative, hilarious, and might even annoy their peers at times.
Carol Danvers’ iteration of Captain Marvel is one of the most powerful Marvel characters of all time with her superhuman strength and energy manipulation. When she unleashes the full extent of her power in her standalone film, she takes on a fiery appearance that does resemble the Super Saiyan stage of Dragon Ball characters.
Even though she initially has a timid personality, Kale grows more assertive and aggressive when she unlocks her Saiyan powers. The sheer scale of her powers is such that she can even go head-to-head with characters like Goku, hardly sustaining any injuries. Captain Marvel also has similar heightened senses that make her invulnerable to almost every form of attack.
Marvel’s Thor is an Asgardian thunder god, just like the original Norse diety. Wielding his hammer, he showcases colossal strength and notable flying powers. In terms of his personality, Thor is usually very cheerful and friendly with the rest of his superpowered peers.
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This profile matches the exact nature of All-Might’s persona. Serving as My Hero Academia protagonist Deku’s mentor, All-Might has a vibrant smile pasted on his face even in situations of distress. He can be compared to Thor for his constant optimism coupled with his control over the ‘One For All’, a Quirk that grants him god-like strength, speed, and durability.
Tony Stark aka Iron-Man can be best described by the character’s great MCU quote, “Genius. Millionaire. Playboy.” Initially, a spoiled, rich brat, Stark matures as one of the greatest Avengers and uses his technological know-how to good use.
Millionaire Detective’s titular lead Kambe Daisuke perfectly matches the profile of Iron-Man. An heir to a wealthy family, he uses his financial resources and the latest technological innovations to solve cases as a police detective. Although he’s calm on the surface, he retains Tony Stark’s impulsive nature and heroism.
A former Russian assassin, Black Widow’s life took a new direction when she joined the Avengers. Even though she lacks superpowers, she’s efficient in hand-to-hand combat and killing.
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Similarly, Attack on Titan‘s Mikasa Ackerman is also the best at what she does, ranging from her kill count to rescue operations. While Natasha Romanoff is ranked as one of the best assassins in the world, Mikasa is also the second most skilled Scout in the anime’s universe. Even their fighting skills are similar as they both display great agility in close-contact fights.
The world’s first super-soldier and Avenger, Captain America often serves as the responsible leader of the Avengers. His mature sense of leadership is what makes him likable among almost all of Marvel’s characters.
One of the main characters of Attack On Titan is Erwin Smith, is a commander of the Survey Corps. Like Captain America, Erwin is an honorable leader who is widely respected for his intelligence. Ready to sacrifice himself, he cares a lot for his fellow comrades. So, while Erwin readily gets mortally wounded in the battle against the Beast Titan, Captain America offered a similar sense of sacrifice in storylines such as Civil War.
The Sorcerer Supreme is usually depicted as an uptight wizard. But beyond his stern personality lies a heart of gold and he’s shown to care deeply for anyone on his side. With younger superheroes like Spider-Man, Doctor Strange also develops a slight parental attitude.
Fighting crime under the name Eraserhead, Aizawa bears a similar persona in My Hero Academia. Also serving as a teacher in a hero academy, he appears to have a condescending and indifferent attitude towards the strongest of U.A. students. However, he shows his empathy in emergency situations and is always the first one to step in to protect the teenage heroes. Like Strange, he can also mentor Deku at times to improve his decision-making skills.
A S.H.I.E.L.D operative alongside Black Widow, all Marvel Comics versions of Hawkeye pose him as an ace archer who uses a wide variety of weaponized arrows.
The expert marksman Tigre can be Hawkeye’s counterpart for the obvious inclination towards archery. Other than that, they both are similar to the extent that they can be manipulated by their own enemies. Apart from turning into an antihero as Ronin, Hawkeye was also controlled by Loki in The Avengers to engage in villainous activities. Similarly, in Lord Marksman and Vanadis, Tigre is captured by the swordsman Elen and starts serving as one of her generals.
Black Panther is the ruler of Wakanda and a superhero who relies on both his physical prowess and advanced Wakandan technology. There might be times when he goes against the Avengers but he’s largely a wise strategist who largely stands by his moral code of conduct.
Piccolo is similarly an intellectual and respectable member of the Dragon Team. Both T’Challa and Piccolo show similar traits in battle. Rather than being hotheaded, they rely on a tactical and analytical attitude. Even though Piccolo’s father King Piccolo isn’t as righteous as King T’Chaka, he’s also increasingly attached to his father. With time, both heroes find flaws in their ideologies too, and seek to follow their own path.
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