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Marvel Meow Confirms Release with Viz Media and Marvel –

By Megan Peters – August 25, 2021 04:28 pm EDT
Marvel has plenty on its plate these days, and you can thank its various projects for that. As you might expect, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is on its top game thanks to a slew of Disney+ shows and the release of Black Widow. Now, it seems the brand is adding another task to its list, and Marvel will undertake the ordeal with Viz Media at its side. And trust me, this manga collaboration is not one you want to miss!
Viz Media and Marvel Entertainment confirmed they are bringing the best of both worlds together in their first publishing venture. The manga Marvel Meow is slated to debut on October 12th, and the cute book collects some of the best kitty moments in all of Marvel history.
“Coming October 12, Marvel Meow is a collection of variant covers first seen on Marvel’s official Instagram comic strips in celebration of Carol Danvers furry sidekick. While known as the breakout star—Goose—in the hit film Captain Marvel, the comic strips honor the original flerkin cat Chewie,” Viz Media shared today. “Across nine panels, follow Chewie interacting with Wolverine or rather pestering him only to end up twinning in the closing panel, or witness what happens when she meets The Merc with a Mouth and Dogpool (who we meet from an alternate universe) chases her endlessly.”
As you can see, this book will come together as an anthology of sorts. Marvel Meow will contain a bunch of strip comics released previously on Marvel’s Instagram. The art, which Nao Fuji oversaw, is all about cute cats and brave heroes. So if you want to see a flerkin fur baby traverse the Marvel Universe, this book is for you.
Clearly, this manga will be a must-have for fans of Marvel and felines alike. And to make things better, this is not the only Marvel x Viz project on the horizon. It has other books on the horizon such as Deadpool: Samurai and Secret Reverse to look forward to!
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