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Marvel Partners with Bandai Spirits for New Avengers Comic Series – Screen Rant

Marvel Comics and Bandai Spirits will release the Avengers: Tech-On Avengers comic miniseries to coincide with a new line of action figures.
The latest team up between Marvel Comics and Bandai Spirits has brought about the creation of a new miniseries and toy line known as Avengers: Tech-On Avengers (yes, the title does in fact say Avengers twice). The series is set to give fan-favorite Avengers reimagined and personalized Iron Man suits of their own.
Due to the rising popularity of manga and anime in the west, some may consider this Marvel’s attempt to get in on the action. As mech suits are a staple of the manga genre, taking advantage of the fact a mech hero already exists within Marvel and expanding that to other characters is a perfect way to blend the Japanese visual style with these American comic book behemoths. With the designs truly giving off some pretty heavy Gundam vibes, the connection to the current popularity of Japanese culture is pretty undeniable.
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A tokusatsu-inspired action-adventure comic series, Avengers: Tech-On Avengers leans heavily into Japanese mecha aesthetics while providing a perfect storyline for it. The term tokusatsu refers to old live action Japanese movies that were super heavy on special effects, such as Godzilla, and that influence can definitely be seen here. Written by Jim Zub and illustrated by Jeff “Chamba” Cruz, the story sees Red Skull unleash dark magic that strips all of the heroes of the world of their powers. With Earth left defenseless, Red Skull threatens to take over the planet, but the genius of Tony Stark has never let something as silly as a lack of superpowers stop him from attempting to save the world. Stark puts his brain to work and whips up ARC Reactor-powered suits for his fellow Avengers, each personalized to their specific hero. These suits are the basis of the series as a whole and the coinciding action figure line release by SHFiguarts.
Zub described in a press release from Marvel how writing this series is a dream come true:
“I grew up on a steady stream of Japanese animation and tokusatsu-centric stories, so bringing those same sensibilities to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes is an absolute rush,” Zub said. “The team at BANDAI SPIRITS absolutely crushed it on the hero and villain designs and Chamba is the perfect artist to bring this world to life, with dynamic action art that feels like it popped off the screen and on to the printed page. TECH-ON AVENGERS is bombastic and kinetic, bursting with color and energy. I can’t wait for readers and retailers to get on board this wild ride!”
The miniseries is set to consist of six issues, giving fans the chance to see some of their favorite characters decked out in their very own customized Iron Man suits. Though the first issue isn’t hitting shelves until August 11, some of the SHFiguarts Avengers: Tech-On Avengers action figures have already been revealed in previews, giving fans a glimpse at what is to come.
The figures are absolutely stunning, and raise a lot of hype for what other suits will be featured in the miniseries. Although the preview has only shown Captain America and Iron Man so far, a silhouette has also been shown hinting that Wolverine is next to get the costume upgrade.
Though not much else is known about the series, the concept and prospect of it all is enough to raise much deserved excitement. Getting to see these mecha variations of favorite Avengers is awesome on so many levels, not to mention that these designs will be accompanied by high quality collectible figures one can physically hold. The Marvel Comics and Bandai Spirits collaboration Avengers: Tech-On Avengers #1 launches August 11.
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