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Marvel's Moon Knight Shares New Poster by Tokyo Ghoul Creator –

By Megan Peters – April 14, 2022 06:05 pm EDT
Marvel’s Moon Knight has thrust the comic book hero into his next era. After all, fans from all over the world are tuning in to see how Oscar Isaac’s character folds into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And for fans in Japan, they were just treated to a Moon Knight promo from the one and only Sui Ishida, the creator of Tokyo Ghoul.
The piece comes straight from Japan as Disney rolled out new promo materials for Moon Knight abroad. It was there fans were treated to a gorgeous watercolor poster focused on the Marvel hero, and it was done by Sui Ishida.
“Moon Knight × Tokyo Ghoul” Dark Hero Special Illustration by Sui Ishida
As you can see above, the Tokyo Ghoul artist took their time with this poster, and it is hard to overlook their hallmark aesthetic. The Moon Knight piece almost looks smoky with its blended watercolors, and our Marvel hero is painted in an ominous pastel palette. This kind of look would make Ken Kaneki beam with pride, and fans are loving Ishida’s take on the Marvel hero.
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Of course, Ishida is just one of many Marvel fans out there, and his tribute here has earned the community’s approval. In fact, it seems there are some who would love for Ishida to tackle his own Marvel manga. The recent success of series like Deadpool: Samurai proves the comics brand can support its own manga series. So if Moon Knight wants in on the action, well – Ishida just proved he’s got what it takes to do the hero proud.
What do you think of this Moon Knight tribute? Would you like to see Ishida work with the MCU again? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.
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