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Captain America is a symbolic defender of freedom and justice, and he’s a born leader, too. That makes him similar to many anime characters.
The MCU has brought many beloved Marvel Comics characters to life on the big screen thanks to the talent of remarkable actors, cutting-edge CGI, and compelling storyline that any comic veteran or newcomer alike can enjoy. Even characters dating back to the 1940s can feel fresh and relevant again, and that includes Captain America, the star-spangled Avenger.
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Captain America is a heroic and smart Avenger who can take command of any squad and lead it to victory with his sheer charisma, courage, and tactical skills, and he is a symbolic Avenger who will lay down his life for peace, freedom, and justice around the world. He is also known for his fearsome melee capabilities and indestructible shield. All this may remind fans of many other comic characters and indeed, a wide variety of characters from Japanese manga and anime, too.
Naofumi Iwatani the isekai hero may not have Captain America’s charisma, but otherwise, they have a lot of overlap. The most obvious connection is their theme of shields, with Naofumi being the appointed Shield Hero who must defend his three allies from harm with many magical shields.
Naofumi’s shields make him the isekai Captain America in combat, and that’s not all. He also has some sharp tactical skills and is a practical and responsible leader, which is how he survived despite being ostracized from the other three Cardinal Heroes.
A few My Hero Academia characters have something in common with Captain America, and that includes the big-fist student hero Itsuka Kendo, the class rep of class 1-B. Itsuka may not have a shield or similar equipment, but her oversized fists can easily defend her allies from harm as a meat shield of sorts.
In combat, Itsuka is a smart and responsible leader who can think on her feet, and she has a talent for leadership, just like the star-spangled Avenger. In fact, her team triumphed over Momo’s own team during the joint training exercise, though she was rather humble about it.
Ichigo’s good friend Chad is a sworn pacifist who won’t use his formidable physical strength to harm anyone ever again, unless he’s on a quest to rescue Rukia or Orihime, that is. Chad is a powerful melee fighter, like Captain America, and his arm can form a durable shield to block enemy blows, too.
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On top of that, Chad shares Captain America’s attitude and personality. Both characters are responsible, humble, and put others first, and they won’t dare back down from a challenge if someone is counting on them. More than once, Chad could have quoted Captain America’s line, “I can do this all day.”
Jonathan Joestar was the first JoJo’s protagonist and the star of the Phantom Blood story arc. He died after a mere nine episodes, but he made an excellent impression on viewers with his indomitable will, impressive physical feats, and stubbornly optimistic nature.
Jonathan learned the ways of Hamon to defeat his vampire foster brother Dio Brando, and later, he laid down his life to defeat Dio once again and save Erina’s life. In that situation, Captain America would have done much the same.
Most characters in Fire Force have a unique ignition ability, such as Shinra’s Devil’s Footprints or Maki Oze’s twin fireballs Sputter and Flare. Meanwhile, their boss, captain Akitaru Obi, has no ignition abilities at all. Instead, he relies on physical strength and equipment to fight Infernals and other threats.
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That makes him the Captain America of Fire Force‘s future world, complete with durable shields and a variety of weapons to take down Infernals in the streets. He is also charismatic and easy to like, and as a captain, his leadership abilities are highly commendable. Company 8 is almost like a miniature Avengers.
Darkness the crusader may not be a “serious” anime fighter, especially not when she’s compared to the Avengers, but she still has some overlap with Captain America all the same. Like Cap, Darkness is a loyal ally who will gladly shield her friends from harm. She’s got a durable body and an even tougher armor on her side.
Darkness is also a goofy masochist, and she looks forward to getting beaten up in battle. Captain America may not feel that way, but still, Darkness has a relatively noble spirit as a crusader, and she makes a token effort to keep things serious. By Konosuba standards, she’s totally Captain America.
Commander Erwin Smith once led the Scouts in battle, and he was an exemplary leader who commanded his men with dignity and an iron will. Just like Captain America, Erwin Smith takes himself rather seriously but puts others first, and he won’t give up on the mission until he finds success.
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Erwin may have had his faults as a leader, but he was still an awe-inspiring presence on any battlefield, and he commanded a great deal of respect. He didn’t stop fighting the Titans even when he got an arm bitten off. In addition, he even looks like Steve Rogers in anime form.
Major Alex Louis Armstrong may not carry a shield into battle, but he can still form barriers with his advanced alchemy to defend his allies, and he won’t hesitate to do so. He also combines his alchemy with his brawny physique to launch devastating attacks, and he takes great pride in that.
Armstrong took part in the bloody Ishval Civil War, but he couldn’t bear to harm innocents like that. Now he fights to defend peace and justice across Amestris, and he will gladly risk his life to take down the homunculi and protect the realm from Father’s schemes.
For a time, Thors the Viking fought with the fearsome Jomsvikings, but he grew weary of pointless bloodshed and started his life over on the peaceful coast of Iceland, where he married and started a family. He’s still willing to fight, but he’s not going to take lives in the process.
Instead, Thors fights to protect others, most of all his crew and his son, Thorfinn. Like Captain America, this melee warrior bravely stood up to villains and fought valiantly to save the day, and he laid down his life for the sake of the innocent.
Yamato doesn’t carry shields into battle, but he can use the First Hokage’s cells to perform wood-style jutsu, which is ideal for forming defensive barriers or restraining his friends and enemies alike without shedding blood. And that’s not all.
Yamato is also a responsible and smart ninja who can effectively lead a squad in any sort of mission, and see that mission through to the end, just like Captain America. He’s a bit stern and humorless at times, but he is absolutely the leader Team 7 needs when Kakashi isn’t around.
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