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There is no one quite like All Might, but there are those who fill the pages of popular comics that get mighty close.
Within the shonen anime genre, there are a handful of characters who share something in common with All Might from My Hero Academia. Kakashi, Master Roshi, and Satoru Gojo all lead a young cast of characters into the future with their overwhelming power. This should come as no surprise to anime fans who know that the overpowered sensei is a common anime trope.
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All Might’s character is loved by millions, and though there is no one quite like him, there are those who get mighty close. Even western-based comics are filled to the brim with characters who share things in common with the symbol of hope from MHA.
The Marvel comics version of Hercules is often compared to Superman, despite being limited in his ability set compared to the Man of Steel. Hercules’ ability set revolves almost exclusively around his unlimited super strength. Just like All Might, Hercules’ strength knows no bounds. When pushed to his limit, Hercules is always able to push his strength to the next level.
To put the metaphorical cherry on top, Hercules even served as a stand-in teacher at the Avenger’s Academy. His teaching stint offered comic book fans some insight into the difficulty of teaching youngsters how to reign in their superpowers, something All Might fans are used to at this point in MHA.
The Man of Steel is often compared to All Might because of the position they both hold in their respective worlds. Both of these characters stand as the symbol of hope in their universe and one of them even wears a Kryptonian symbol of hope on his chest.
On top of standing up for the downtrodden and promoting the idea of hope, Superman and All Might are both significantly stronger than the average hero that surrounds them. This makes it even more impressive that both manage to hold onto their sense of justice despite being set so far apart from the rest of their peers.
For fans looking for a comic that can make them feel the same way they felt when All Might took down an enhanced nomu, look no further. The Eternal Ikaris’ battle with the Red Hulk is not the exact same as All Might’s battle within the USJ training facility, but it does set up a battle between a superpowered hero and a regenerative beast.
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If fans dive deeper into Marvel’s Eternals, they will find that Ikaris is similar to All Might in the nature of his overpowered abilities and his habit of boldly leading the charge into battle. Of course, both heroes have the strength to survive almost any situation, but that does not make it wise for them to jump into battle without first considering the consequences.
The shape-shifting juvenile who possesses the power of the gods is just like All Might in two ways.
First, Shazam is a hero who hides his true form behind the guise of a musclebound man. Second, Shazam has the ability to put a smile on the face of all those who he has sworn to protect.
Kara Zor-El is the Plus Ultra version of her cousin Kal-El. There are a number of canonical resources that fans can look to that prove that Supergirl is in fact stronger than Superman.
On top of being the Plus Ultra version of Superman, Supergirl wears the Kryptonian symbol of hope on her chest. Fans may continue to ride the Superman hype train, but the future of the DC universe will one day fall into Supergirl’s powerful hands.
Donald Blake is a name that only the most dedicated Thor fans would recognize. After Chris Hemsworth’s portrayal of Thor in the MCU, the name Donald Blake is rarely associated with the Norse God of Thunder.
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For fans that know of Donald Blake, it becomes significantly easier to find similarities between All Might and Thor. Just like All Might, Thor’s original comic book debut showed him splitting time between an all-powerful hero and a crippled shell of a man who could barely walk without breaking a sweat.
If All Might is the anime world’s version of DC’s Superman, then Sentry is Marvel’s take at the Man of Steel.
In an attempt to recreate and enhance the super-soldier serum, a group of scientists put their brains together to create the Golden Sentry Serum. Upon ingesting this serum, Robert Reynolds became Sentry. This transformation turned a former meth addict into a hero with the power of a million exploding suns. It also transformed Reynolds into an optimistic do-gooder with quite a few things in common with All Might.
Bruce Banner’s timid personality contrasts the Hulk’s unbridled rage perfectly. To create an even stronger duality between the two, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby made Bruce Banner a brainy scientist while the Hulk was left with precisely three working brain cells.
The duality between All Might and Toshinori Yagi is very similar to that of Bruce Banner and The Hulk. Yagi is quiet, patient, and sensitive while All Might is boisterous, bold, and indestructible. Though their powers are different, the duality between their true form and heroic form is very similar.
Though Captain America doesn’t get close to All Might’s level of strength, he stands for peace, justice, and freedom in the same bold way that All Might does.
All Might makes it his mission to be a symbol of hope and justice throughout Japan. On the other side of the world, Captain America leads the Avengers as a symbol of free will and justice in the United States of America.
Before ever turning into a blue beast, Henry McCoy was both a scholar and an excellent student-athlete. His success in both the classroom and on the football field may have been influenced by his mutation, but it imbued the young mutant with a love of learning.
The Beast’s future would lead him back to the classroom as a teacher at Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. All Might took a very similar path through his own education and eventual choice of profession. Though he may still struggle with sitting on the sidelines in times of panic, All Might makes an incredible teacher, just like Beast.
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