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New Shuiensha Comics Website Launches – The Nerd Stash

Following their initial Wednesday announcement,  a new Shueisha Comics website has officially launched. The company had recently launched the “yoi” manga wellness media site in September, based on a theme of “body, mind, and sex.” Altogether, the yoi manga platform e tries to answer the question of why is it hard to talk about friends and family about these subjects and issues. The official listing for the website is as follows;
“Body, mind, sex,” that is important to everyone. But why is it difficult to talk to friends and family about it, ab talk to them, and share the right knowledge? Shuiensha’s web media “yoi” is a wellness site born from such a question. We provide content that all ages can enjoy and gaini solid knowledge to understand their mind and body and to choose what is comfortable to them.
Shueisha Comics WebsiteShueisha Comics Website
Yoi comics first launched with Chieri Sanjo’s 17.3 about a sex manga. The story adapts to the nine episodes 17.3  about a sex live-action series. This series premiered on AbemaTV in September 2020. It is also not the only yoi story to gain a film adaptation. The Margaret (written by Ayumi Komura) will have an 8 episode debut as a Hulu original.
New Shuiensha Comics Website Launches - The Nerd StashNew Shuiensha Comics Website Launches - The Nerd Stash
At the same time as this launch, Shueisha Comics also announced that they would publish 10 one-shots in March. These one-shots will be written by 10 different authors and serve the purpose of teaching about menstruation starts. Some of the one-shots will be spinoffs of previous works, while others will be original stories. The five magazines collaborating with Shueisha on this are Ribbon, Margaret, Bessatsu Margaret, Cookie, and Cocohana. The one-shots will appear on the yoi comic site a few days after their initial publication.
As of now (January 2022), all of the comics on the yoi manga platform are available for free. Many of the stories still follow a weekly updating basis for the Shueisha Comics website.
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