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Despite her earlier desire to fight alone, Ruby’s relationships are now a staple of the series. What would happen if she visited Marvel’s universe?
As the leader of Team RWBY and protagonist of the series, Ruby Rose is well known for making friends along her journey. Despite her earlier desire to fight alone, Ruby’s relationships are now a staple of the series. However, what would happen if she were to visit a different universe?
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Marvel is home to a sprawling expanse of heroes, villains, monsters, and gods, something Ruby would be accustomed to. Who would she gravitate towards, and what heroes would welcome the little red Huntress? Fans of both franchises would love to see some hyped Huntress and hero hijinx. Because, in her universe or any other, Ruby Rose will always find friends to fight beside.
Who better for Ruby to team up with than another full-fledged monster hunter? Elsa Bloodstone took up her father’s profession and began hunting down the creatures that go bump in the night. While partial to working alone, Elsa has worked with others in the past, like Deadpool and A-Force.
If a little hooded girl with a giant scythe says she likes to kill monsters, Elsa might see a kindred spirit. As for Ruby, Elsa Bloodstones is the closest thing Marvel has to a Huntress, so befriending her would only be natural.
After becoming friends with Penny Polendina, it’s only natural that Ruby would befriend another artificial ally. Viv Vision, daughter of Vision, was brought up in an atypical environment. Disaster and distress followed the Vision family as they struggled to understand their humanness and all of the difficulties that came with it.
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Viv is known for her inquisitive nature and allying herself with kids around her age, like the Champions, so Ruby would fit right into her social circle. It goes without saying that Ruby has never been concerned with whether her friends were born or made, so she makes an excellent companion for the Synthazoid.
Of course, the crossover king would become acquainted with the silver-eyed hero of Remnant. Peter goes through many depressive spells in his life, especially with the weight of his responsibilities and the constant influx of villains, monsters, and New Yorkers that want to bite his head off, sometimes literally.
However, one thing has never failed to turn his perspective around: seeing the next generation of heroes taking a stand and keeping things simple. Ruby’s simple soul would be a refreshing change of pace for Spidey, so she would find a fellow red-wearing friend in him.
Despite the age difference, Logan finds himself allying with kids more often than not. Whether it’s training students or taking on a mentor role, the old man always seems to find himself helping the next generation find their teeth. Since Wolverine shares some similarities with her Uncle Qrow, Ruby would find his gruff exterior oddly familiar.
This Huntress wouldn’t miss the opportunity to fight alongside such a fierce warrior. Not to mention that between Kitty Pryde, Jubilee, and Armor, Logan’s always had a soft spot for spunky kids.
Wolverine’s clone/daughter, Laura Kinney, AKA X-23, has been a part of many team-ups. Besides being on teams like the X-Men and Avengers Academy, she’s also allied herself with heroes like Spider-Gwen, Deadpool, Amadeus Cho, and Kate Bishop, not to mention her little sister Gabby, who tags along on many of Laura’s adventures.
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Ruby and Laura both have sisters and, in a way, each resembles the other’s sibling, with Laura’s brutal fighting style and affinity for yellow resembling Yang and Ruby’s pure intentions and fun-loving attitude matching Gabby’s.
Like Ruby, Nico Minoru is also the leader of a young, superpowered team, though the Runaways aren’t as concerned about saving the world as Team RWBY is. Still, both teams are determined to protect each other from whatever the world has to throw at them.
These two team leaders have plenty in common and would enjoy sharing stories from their adventures. Nico’s gothic style may clash with Ruby’s cheerfulness, but if the young witch likes the shining star, Karolina Dean, then she’ll get along with Ruby just fine.
As a fellow young leader of a superteam, Sam knows what it’s like to have to hold up the weight of the world. Being both wise and perpetually a big brother, Cannonball would have no problem getting along with Ruby, who might remind him of one of his younger siblings.
Similarly, Ruby might liken the blonde-haired brawler to her sister Yang, making him seem more familiar. From sharing stories to blasting through the air with their powers, these two leaders would have plenty to bond over.
Riri Williams, AKA Ironheart, is a supergenius gadgeteer with her own Iron Man armor. Between Riri’s keen smarts and awesome weapons, Ruby couldn’t help but befriend the teched-up Champion. Building a relationship with Riri wouldn’t be easy, considering she sometimes prefers machines over people, but it’s well within Ruby’s ability.
Besides, if Ruby can make Weiss her best friend, then breaking through Ironheart’s walls should be a cakewalk. As for Riri, if the red-hooded Huntress’ endearing personality isn’t enough, she’d at least want to check out the engineering marvel that is Cresent Rose.
Ruby and Miles have a surprising amount of things in common. Both are teen heroes who value their family and friends above all else, and they both take inspiration from older heroes: Peter Parker for Miles and Qrow for Ruby.
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Their outfits even use the same color scheme. With all these similarities, it only makes sense that they would be amazing friends. Whether they would be taking to the streets as heroes or playing video games all afternoon, Ruby and Miles are bound to spend a lot of time hanging out.
Kate has always had an appreciation for people with style, and with a rocking outfit, beautiful scythe, and the ability to burst into rose petals, Ruby Rose has style in spades. The mutant Marauder might also appreciate Ruby’s spunky attitude since Kate was the same way back in the day.
As for Ruby, she would think Kate is the coolest person ever, especially with her ability to walk through walls, pet space dragon, her position as a pirate captain, and her masterful combat skills. Together, these two could handle just about any challenge the world throws their way.
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