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Sailor Moon is Radiant in Touching Tribute Art From Marvel/DC Artist – Screen Rant

Jen Bartel, a comic artist best known for illustrating DC and Marvel comic covers, has shared art of Sailor Moon, paying tribute to the series.
The hit manga, Sailor Moon, began serializing thirty years ago. To celebrate the milestone, Marvel and DC artist Jen Bartel has done a fan art tribute, portraying the series’ titular heroine. The comic artist has a gorgeous artistic style, which lends itself really well to a magical heroine like Usagi Tsukino.
Sailor Moon appeared in Nakayoshi – a monthly shōjo manga magazine – in 1991 through 1997. It is one of the best-selling shōjo manga. The series is a blend of the magical girl genre and sentai series. It has maintained its popularity for thirty years and recently received new anime adaptations and feature films. The Sailor Senshi protect the galaxy, but their influence reaches far beyond the pages.
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On Twitter, Jen Bartel shared her own illustration of Sailor Moon, which she previously had available as a print for sale. She thanks the heroine, her fellow Sailor Senshi, and mangaka Naoko Takeuchi. Sailor Moon is a highly influential series that has served as an inspiration to many fans and creators. This art is a beautiful way of not just paying tribute to the series, but also of celebrating an impressive milestone.
Happy 30th Birthday, Sailor Moon 🥳🎊✨ Thank you to you, all the other senshi, and especially Naoko Takeuchi for being the inspiration I needed as a child 💖
The gorgeous art places Sailor Moon in the center, her golden locks framing her beautifully. She dons a white dress with a matching choker. She also wears jewelry matching her moon symbol, with celestial facial markings. Above her is a ring that presents the zodiac signs – a theme that connects directly to the planets and the Sailor Senshi that protect them within the series. Sailor Moon is known for looking stunning while confronting and beating her enemies, so this is a very fitting tribute. Usagi may not always appear to be a very tough girl, but when needed she rises to every occasion with the help of her friends and her love for them.
Jen Bartel is best known for illustrating beautiful comic covers, which she has done for numerous comic companies. She has done work for Marvel, DC Comics, Dark Horse, Image Comics, Humanoids, BOOM! Studios, and IDW Publishing. She has illustrated covers for some of Marvel and DC’s special one-shots, such as DC Pride #1Green Arrow 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular, and Women of Marvel, amongst many others. She also co-created and illustrated Blackbird, a neo-noir fantasy series. This art of the titular heroine is a wonderful piece that helps to highlight the impact this manga has had on creators who are now telling their own stories today. Hopefully, Sailor Moon will continue to inspire new readers for many more generations to come and celebrate many more impressive milestones in the future.
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Source: Jen Bartel
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