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Secret X-Men and the Most Evil Hulk of All Lead Next Week's Marvel Releases – CBR – Comic Book Resources

The rejected X-Men candidates form a secret version of the all-star team, while the Maestro returns for his third and final miniseries.
A new X-Men team forms in next week’s Marvel Comics releases.
Comprised of Marvel’s rejected X-Men applicants, the Secret X-Men make their debut in The Secret X-Men #1, a one-shot that will explore a conflict with the Shi’ar Empire. Though these mutants will be getting new costumes, you may recognize members like Sunspot, Cannonball, Marrow, Strong Guy and the others as every potential candidate for last year’s fan vote to choose the next main X-Men member, which ultimately went to Polaris. However, it’s no secret that other Marvel books will be hitting shelves and digital platforms next week as well.
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Another notable mention from Wednesday’s upcoming releases is Maestro: World War M #1. Though the title may be a nod to an iconic Marvel event, World War Hulk, this is the third miniseries to star the evil Hulk following 2020’s Maestro and 2021’s Maestro: War and Pax, with World War M set to conclude the trilogy. Now, readers can witness the Maestro take on Abomination, Namor and Doctor Doom all at once.
Also releasing next week is the conclusion to Captain Marvel‘s “Last of the Marvels” arc, the penultimate issue of Kate Bishop: Hawkeye, the next installments to the Daredevil-centric event Devil’s Reign and more. From the world of Star Wars comes Star Wars: Darth Vader #20 and Star Wars: The High Republic – Trail of Shadows #5, which will conclude the miniseries. The full list of releases, covers and solicitations included, can be found alphabetically below.
All of these issues go on sale Feb. 9 from Marvel Comics.
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