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Spider-Man Made Neon Genesis Evangelion Marvel Comics Canon – Screen Rant

Spider-Man has officially made Neon Genesis Evangelion canon within the Marvel Universe in this fun cameo of Marvel’s Edge of Spider-Verse.
A Spider-Man comic officially made Neon Genesis Evangelion canon within the Marvel Universe. In this fun cameo of Marvel’s Edge of Spider-Verse, the children pilots of the popular mecha anime make an appearance that is very forthcoming to the story’s setting.
Marvel’s Edge of Spider-Verse #5 created by Gerard Way and Jake Wyatt is part of a 5 issue series of alternative Spider-verse comics that follows Spider-Man Noir, Gwen Stacey Spider-Women, Aaron Aikman, Patton Parnel, and Peni Parker. The last issue tells the origin story of Peni Parker becoming the new pilot of her father’s robot unit SP//DR and her special psychic link ability to the spider inside the robot. The pairing fights crime alongside Daredevil in this futuristic setting of New York but just like any other teenager, Peni has to attend school. Unlike the other students, she’s allowed to leave school early due to her work connected to Oscorp. This scene was very similar to when Shinji first got excused from school to pilot the Eva Unit #1 for the first time in the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, so it was of no surprise to find the children of NERV as Peni’s classmates.
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Rei, Asuka, Kaworu, and Shinji are seen as Peni Parker’s classmates which contributes to the sci-fi mecha setting of Peni’s Spider-Man origin story. The Second child, Asuka, is seen wearing her signature pigtails with red clips and a forward-looking expression to Peni was very on par for her character as shown throughout the anime. Know for having a blunt and overbearing personality, the comic showcases all of these traits through the character’s direct facing expression to Peni as if she’s questioning her credentials. And for good reason since Penni’s SP//DR unit design does resemble awful a lot like Asuka’s Eva Unit #2. As for first child Rei, bearing her neutral curious expression and fifth child Kaworu’s on-brand apathetic smile all contributes to the scene’s awareness concerning Peni’s newfound hero responsibilities.
Counting Asuka, Rei, Kaworu, Shinji, and Peni herself equals the total number of the children EVA pilots in the anime. Peni, like Shinji, struggles with the shadow of her father’s legacy and her purpose in all of it. Unlike Shinji’s father, who abandoned him and then later brought him back to become a child soldier for his own political gain, Peni’s father died while she was very young and while piloting the SP//DR unit. Although Peni struggles with wanting to know more about her father’s past, her determined spirit is what brought her to be the hero she is today. As for Shinji’s more cowardly personality who’s decision-making has left disastrous complications leading up to events before and after him piloting the Eva Unit #1, some could say his ability to think of his friends first is one of his more redeeming qualities.
The Neon Genesis Evangelion cast weren’t the only characters from a sci-fi anime or manga to make an appearance in the issue. Ghost In The Shell’s Section 9 team was spotted first on the scene to take on Peni and Daredevil. Shotaro Kaneda from Akira was spotted rocking his iconic red pill biker jacket while receiving a fierce kick from Daredevil and Simon from Gurren Lagann was spotted early on as one of Peni’s classmates. This cameo involving the Neon Genesis Evangelion cast was a fun easter egg that not only connected Peni’s Spider-Man to the popular mecha anime but other popular sci-fi anime as well.
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