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Spider-Man No Way Home: 10 Comic Books You Should Read After Watching The Movie – Screen Rant

There are many Marvel comic books that could give viewers a hint as to where the Spider-Man movies might be going next after No Way Home.
Content Warning: the following contains plot spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home.
Spider-Man: No Way Home is the biggest Spidey-related crossover since Into the Spider-Verse, but there are comics that gave fans the same feeling as both films. Spider-Man has so much history, and being limited to just the movies provides only a small insight into the world of Peter Parker.  
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Fans will certainly be yearning for more Spider-Man content after watching No Way Home. There are many comics that have similar plot lines to the movie, some of which the movie was inspired by, and also comics that could give viewers a hint to where the movies might be going next.
This Amazing Spider-Man annual provided fans with the first appearance of the Sinister Six, a team that would become iconic in Spider-Man comics.
Some of the original members of the Sinister Six are in No Way Home, such as Elektro and Doctor Octopus. There are also members that are rumored to appear in future films, like Kraven the Hunter. No Way Home had five members who have appeared in the Sinister Six comics, and it might just be a tease of what’s to come.
Amazing Spider-Man #400 revolves around the death of Aunt May, which was a major loss for Peter Parker. In previous comics, Aunt May’s health has been worrisome for Peter due to her old age. In this comic, he loses his remaining relative.
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Aunt May dies very differently from Marisa Tomei’s version of the character in No Way Home, but her death in the comics was equally as important as it is on film. Of course, she’s eventually revived in the comics, which is less likely to happen in the movies, but who knows.
Gwen Stacy’s death had a huge importance in No Way Home. It was heavily referenced when MJ fell from a great height and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man came to her rescue. His saving her was an emotional moment since he failed to save his own love in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
The Death of Gwen Stacy is one of the worst things that happened to Spider-Man and is perfect for fans who want to know the original story that the TASM 2 was based on. Who knows, maybe Tom Holland’s Peter Parker will meet his own version of Gwen Stacy in future films.
One Moment in Time deals with the aftermath of One More Day, but this comic focuses on Spider-Man and Mary Jane’s relationship. Peter losing MJ was disappointing to many comic fans, so this comic shows peter and MJ trying to figure out where they went wrong. Peter also goes to Doctor Strange and asks him to make everyone forget he’s Spider-Man, except for MJ.
Similar to Peter in No Way Home, in this comic, he’s also struggling to cope with the world and his worst enemies knowing his identity. Peter going to Doctor Strange for help is a very familiar aspect, and it wouldn’t be surprising if the film was partly based on this comic.
Spider-Verse follows many of the different versions of Spider-Man, including Spider-Girl, as someone seems to be murdering Spider-People all throughout the multiverse. All of the Spider-People from different universes team up to save themselves from death.
For obvious reasons, this is one of the best Spider-Man multiverse comics to read after No Way Home, and for fans who are desperate to see more interactions between Spider-Men from different universes. Spider-Verse also served as inspiration for Into the Spider-Verse, which has similarities to No Way Home.
Green Goblin leads the Sinister Six of the Ultimate comics universe in Ultimate Spider-Man. This is a fun story in which Spider-Man battles some of his greatest foes yet again, and it’s one of the best Green Goblin comics to read after No Way Home.
Ultimate Six has a very similar set of villains as seen in No Way Home. In this story, there’s Green Goblin, Sandman, Doctor Octopus, and Electro. There are also notably only five major villains who make an appearance, just like in the movie.
Death of Spider-Man has a title that says it all. Peter Parker is killed in battle by none other than the Green Goblin. His family and friends are left to mourn the loss of their beloved hero. Death of Spider-Man is one of the darkest Spider-Man stories because it revolves around the loss of an iconic and beloved hero.
Considering Tom Holland has mentioned that he doesn’t want to be Spider-Man forever, fans could end up seeing the death of Spider-Man on screen. Miles Morales might end up replacing him in the movies as well. Many events from the Ultimate comics have already been adapted and this major story could be next.
Ultimate Spider-Man: Miles Morales follows Miles after Peter’s death. Miles has a lot of expectations placed upon him being the new and only Spider-Man. Despite being a new hero, he builds his own legacy and fights new and old villains.
Electro in No Way Home mentioned that there must be a black Spider-Man out there somewhere, and  Ultimate Spider-Man: Miles Morales is his origin story. Need Leeds is also very similar to Miles’s best friend Ganke, whereas only comic book fans know the original Ned Leeds is different from the movies. There have already been two references to Miles Morales in the MCU, so brushing up on his story now is probably a good idea before he’s officially introduced.
Brand New Day takes place directly after One More Day. Readers get to see Peter Parker having a soft reset on his life, and basically starting fresh in a lot of ways. This is a great start for new comic book readers who aren’t well versed in Spider-Man’s past.
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Brand New Day is also one of the best comic books for fans to read after watching No Way Home if they’re interested in knowing which direction the movies might take. This story gives readers an idea of what life for Peter Parker is like when he’s all on his own, without anyone to confide in about being Spider-Man.
One More Day follows Peter Parker after Civil War. In Civil War, Tony Stark convinced Peter to reveal his identity to the world. Of course, this caused problems for Peter as the revelation resulted in Aunt May getting shot and was very close to death. Her life was saved due to Peter making a deal with Mephisto by trading his marriage to MJ for his aunt’s life.
One More Day has many similarities to No Way Home, most notably the storyline in which Peter Parker loses his aunt May. In One More Day, Peter also goes through the struggle of losing his relationship with MJ, just like he does in the movie.
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