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The One Character Owned by Both Marvel AND DC Comics – Screen Rant

Marvel and DC are fierce competitors, but this one hero shared by both companies might just be the most important person in both universes.
Out of the literal thousands of superheroes and villains created by Marvel and DC Comics (the two undisputed titans of the comic book industry), there is exactly one character owned by both companies. Axel Asher, better known by his superhero name Access, is legally owned by both Marvel Worldwide Inc. and DC Entertainment in a unique agreement. Access was created as part of an unprecedented crossover event in comic book history: a series known simply as Marvel vs. DC.
In the midst of the Great Comic Book Crash of the 1990s, editors and executives often resorted to eye-catching events to bolster dwindling sales numbers. This is the era in which Spider-Man was replaced by a clone, Green Lantern became a villain, and Superman died (only to come back to life a year later). The stories varied in quality but did little to increase overall sales, and Marvel and DC sought to right the proverbial sinking ship with a massive crossover event that would finally bring the two companies’ heroes together. Marvel vs DC would pit universe against universe…and caught in the middle would be Marvel and DC’s only jointly-owned character.
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A drifter who never stays in the same place too long, Axel Asher is cursed with nightmares of two monstrous beings, one red and one blue, fighting each other to the death. On one particular night, Axel comes across Wolverine fighting Killer Croc in an alley, and it becomes apparent to the reader that the universes are crossing over. Peter Parker gets a job at the Daily Planet, Storm encounters Wonder Woman, Gambit steals the Batmobile…and then amidst the chaos, every being in existence sees Axel’s vision, along with a psychic explanation. The two beings are “Brothers”, each a cosmic manifestation of the Marvel and DC universes, respectively. Eons ago, a previous battle between the two destroyed and recreated all existence, resulting in the Big Bang. To avoid a similar outcome, the Brothers have chosen various super-beings from each universe to fight in their stead…and the universe that loses the most fights will cease to exist.
Eventually, Axel learns that he’s a living remanent of the first battle between the Brothers—a shard of the previous conflict. As a self-aware shard, he gains the unique ability to teleport between universes at will. He’s also the only superhero aware of the truth behind the Amalgam Universe: a merging of the Marvel and DC heroes resulting in Super-Soldier (Captain America and Superman), Dark Claw (Wolverine and Batman), Dr. Doomsday (Doctor Doom and Doomsday) and many other combinations. Bringing Captain America and Batman into the realm of the Brothers, Access shows each titan the life story of both heroes, and the Brothers agree to put aside their differences and cease fighting…for the time being.
Access would later appear in two jointly-published limited series, All Access and Unlimited Access, and discover that staying in one universe for too long could cause other heroes to cross over, starting the conflict all over again. Thus, Axel is fated to be a drifter forever, unable to put down roots or maintain a relationship without spending significant time apart. This tragic life is ultimately left unexplored; outside of a small appearance in Green Lantern #87 in 1997, Access hasn’t been seen in a comic in 25 years. As a character owned by both companies, Marvel and DC are free to use Axel Asher without informing the other (they are, however, barred from killing him), so Access is legally able to reappear at any time—and in any universe.
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