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Thor Gets New Manga-Inspired Look in Marvel's Demon Days – Screen Rant

Thor is a character whose iconic look has stood the test of time, and now acclaimed creator Peach Momoko has given him a new manga-inspired look!
Warning: Spoilers for Demon Days: Cursed Web #1!
Acclaimed comic creator Peach Momoko has a wildly unique art style that consistently turns heads with every new piece released, and now she’s just updated Marvel’s God of Thunder, Thor, with a manga-inspired look that pays homage to an iconic costume fans have grown to known and love ever since the character’s inception in 1962. Of course, Demon Days is a fantastical version of the Marvel Universe set in a folkloric Japan, so Thor isn’t the only one getting cool new costume designs, but his new look is hands down one of the best thus far.
Revealed at the very end of Demon Days: Cursed Web #1, by Peach Momoko (with English adaptation and dialogue by Zack Davisson), Mariko Yashida has recently discovered that she’s a child of an oni, or a “gruesome creature of legend,” and has set out on a quest to unearth secrets about her heritage that may provide her with more information about her past. Traveling across a Japanese landscape full of demons, spirits, monsters, and magic, Mariko crosses paths with familiar Marvel characters like Black Widow, Ghost-Spider, Jubilee, Wolverine, and even a version of Venom; all redesigned to fit Peach Momoko’s manga-inspired world to perfection.
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After defeating the shape-shifting villainess, Mystique, and her co-worker, Sabretooth, Mariko continues on her mission with her faithful wolf companion, Logan (Wolverine in this world) in tow, ready for whatever comes next. But little does she know that a mysterious person keeping close tabs on her has dispatched another well-known Marvel hero to track her down, Thor, and he’s arrived in the Demon Days reality complete with a sweet new set of clothes.
Brought to fans’ attention as the mysterious figure mentioned above orders him to bring Mariko in “alive, but not necessarily in one piece,” Thor is shown in all his manga glory as he receives his mission details. Standing with a sense of confidence and authority that Thor always seems to project, his new look is shown as a sleeker, more comfortable version of the costume he normally wears. Complete with wrist wraps, flowing cloth pants, and six iconic circular “discs” placed in a familiar design on his chest, Thor also has his trusty hammer, Mjolnir, slung on his back, ready for deployment as needed. To finish off this manga look, Thor’s usually flowing blonde hair has been blown back — Super Saiyan style — in a way that makes it seem like it’s almost on fire, completing a look that’s as inspired as it is traditional.
Usually clad in a more heavily armored version of what’s seen here (sometimes with or without a cape and helmet), Peach Momoko has successfully replicated what makes Thor’s costume great in the first place while also adding visual flairs that help keep this Thor perfectly in line with a fantasy world that continues to surprise in more ways than one. But that’s not all, as it’s revealed that Thor isn’t the only one on Mariko’s case, with the X-Men’s very own Goddess of Thunder, Storm, shown to be joining him on his mission, a new redesign also in tow, albeit one that sees her shrunk down to bite-sized form.
So as Thor and Storm set out on a journey to bring Mariko to their master, Demon Days has shown fans that these new manga redesigns work perfectly in bringing familiar Marvel characters into a world full of magic and mystery. Peach Momoko no doubt still has more unique looks incoming for characters other than Thor, so fans will have to stay tuned for the next reveal soon.
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