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Two Big Deaths Already Spoiled By Marvel And DC Comics This Week – Bleeding Cool News

Two big event comic books are published this week, with big event deaths. One is Trial Of The Amazons #1 which has been pitched as a murder mystery, with comparisons to the Trial Of Magneto. While Marvel Comics has Devil’s Reign #5 with a big death accidentally spoiled in this last week’s Daredevil: Woman Without Fear #3. While DC Comics has accidentally spoiled the death of Trial Of The Amazons #1 in their issued previews for Nubia & The Amazons #5, the second chapter of the event, also published on the same day. So, yes, spoilers going forward.
Two Big Deaths Already Spoiled By Marvel And DC Comics This WeekTwo Big Deaths Already Spoiled By Marvel And DC Comics This Week
Death in comic books has had a bad rep of late. Not without reason, it has been expected for any death of a character to be reversed in a matter of months. It has been seen as cheap shock value, an attempt to boost numbers, and a gimmick. People used to say that only Bucky, Uncle Ben, Gwen Stacy, and Thomas and Martha Wayne stayed dead. But of late most of them have come back in one way or another. It would be Jonathan Hickman’s genius to take that expectation of a reader and weaponise it, turning it into the resurrection cycle of the X-Men on the island of Krakoa – and then add circumstances in which people could not be revived.
It is also notable however, that of recent major deaths, after three years and zombie attempts, Alfred Pennyworth remains dead at the hands of Bane. The deaths of characters are being treated with more permanence now, in the knowledge that readers will lose their sense of disbelief.
So, to Death’s Reign #5. Which Daredevil: Woman Without Fear #3 reveals will see the death of Matt Murdock at the hands of The Kingpin, who knows that Daredevil is Matt Murdock again.
There has been lots of online discussion about how this death will be reversed with the launch of a new Daredevil #1 in June – and while the solicitations list that it will have the stories of both Matt Murdock and Elektra Natchios as Daredevil, at no point does the comic say that Matt Murdock’s adventures take place in the present day. Might it be that Elektra Natchios becomes the ongoing Daredevil lead character without a “Woman Without Fear” sub-head? With Matt Murdock taking up her headspace?
A new DAREDEVIL #1 rises from the ashes of DEVIL’S REIGN’s climactic ending! Writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Marco Checchetto will be continuing their Eisner-nominated run on DAREDEVIL this June. Known for their transformative work on the saga of Matt Murdock, Elektra, Kingpin and more, the superstar creative team will turn their gaze to a future full of peril and pain, in this explosive beginning of an all new era for Hell’s Kitchen’s guardian devil. After the shocking events of DEVIL’S REIGN, what is left of Daredevil? Who lived, who died, and who is left to pick up the pieces? Fans can expect the series to tackle both Matt AND Elektra’s journeys as they deal with the brutal cost of taking on the Daredevil mantle. With new enemies and radical changes to the fabric of Daredevil’s mythos, DAREDEVIL #1 is set to usher in the darkest Hell’s Kitchen to date. “Getting to write Daredevil and work with Marco is a career highlight. I’m just genuinely excited that we get to continue our epic story with this new issue one!” Zdarsky said. “Matt and Elektra have confronted their past mistakes with DEVIL’S REIGN and WOMAN WITHOUT FEAR, but can they atone for them together?” “It’s the first time that I’ve to draw the first issue of the same series twice. I could tell you it’s an issue like everyone else, now, but it’s not,” Checcetto promises. “Each time I’ve to draw a new script of Daredevil it’s a new experience. Chip keeps throwing at me new challenges and I’m not the type of artist to refuse them. How much more can we mess up with Matt Murdock’s life? Let’s see with this new DAREDEVIL #1.” “This is the start of our fourth year on the title! And the plan for it is about as big a swing as we could possibly take,” Zdarsky added. I’m super excited for readers to see where we’re taking our Daredevils!” Don’t miss the shocking twists and the dramatic developments Zdarsky and Checchetto have in store for Hell’s Kitchen when DAREDEVIL #1 hits stands this June!
While Trial Of The Amazons #1 has been sold in as a murder mystery with the identity of the murder victim kept close to DC Comics’ chest. That is until they released the preview of the second chapter, featuring the funeral of Queen Hippolyta.
And just in case you thought it might have been Queen Hippolyta slipping on a bar of soap[, or maybe having a heart attack, from this week;s Trial Of The Amazons #1, which some comic store have chosen to sell earlier than street date, it appears she may have been poisoned.
Either that or really clumsy.
Now, here’s the thing, Paradise Island has always been a place for resurrection, or reincarnation, or gods and goddesses, heavens and hells, and an entrance to the afterlife. So coming back from the dead for an Amazonian, is more of a process.
Indeed, Wonder Woman just did it herself. But it still will take time, ceremony and a sense of loss. And for DC Comics, Queen Hippolyta, Diana’s mother, has been Wonder Woman for the recent Justice League run, just as Daredevil was an Avenger back in the day when he had a film out…
The question is, whose death will be reversed first? And will anyone be as quick as Scarlet Witch in The Trial Of Magneto? The clock is ticking…now.
(W) Chip Zdarsky (A/CA) Marco Checchetto
As smart and ruthless as Wilson Fisk may be, he’s chosen to enlist the aid of some of the most reprehensible, dangerous and bloodthirsty criminals the Marvel Universe has to offer! He’s been able to keep them on a short leash out of fear for weeks. IN THIS ISSUE – that fear runs out! Fisk’s lackeys aren’t scared of ANYTHING anymore, even him – and ALL OF NEW YORK is left to pay the price! RATED T+In Shops: Mar 09, 2022 SRP: $4.99
(W) Various (A) Various (CA) Jim Cheung
Written by Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad, Joelle Jones, Vita Ayala, and Stephanie Williams Art by Joelle Jones, Elena Casagrande, Laura Braga, & Skylar Patridge After the events of Nubia & the Amazons, the dangers of Doom’s Doorway have found their way to Man’s World and garnered the attention of not one, but all three Amazonian tribes. The Bana-Mighdall consider it to be a weakness in the current regime and have decided to return to the shores of Themyscira to stake their claim over the island. Little do they know, the Esquecida are not far behind, but instead looking for help to combat the evil unleashed. Tempers rise and swords are brandished as the women argue about the best course of action. Now Queen Nubia must show them all the way to peace by calling for one of the most famous Amazon traditions…the Contest. Who among them is worthy of leading them into the future? Find out as the bravest, wisest, and fiercest warriors compete to be champion of all the Amazons! DC Comics proudly presents the first Wonder Woman crossover of its kind, brought to you by the writers behind Wonder Woman, Nubia & the Amazons, and Wonder Girl and some of the best and brightest artists in the industry. You won’t want to miss this monumental story that brings all the Wonder Woman titles and characters together and changes them for good!
Retail: $4.99 In-Store Date: 03/08/2022
(W) Stephanie Williams, Vita Ayala (A) Alitha Martinez, Mark Morales (CA) Alitha Martinez
“Trial of the Amazons” part two! There’s been a murder on Themyscira, and the killer is still on the loose! Now it’s up to Nubia to play diplomat and detective as the other Amazon tribes are called in for questioning. Can she keep the peace long enough for the Contest to happen? She must, because Doom’s Doorway stands unguarded until a new champion is found!
Retail: $3.99 In-Store Date: 03/08/2022
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