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Venom and The Thing Get New Titles in This Week's Marvel Releases – CBR – Comic Book Resources

Venom and Fantastic Four’s The Thing star in new solo titles, Deadpool’s latest miniseries concludes and more in this week’s Marvel Comics releases.
Brand new titles launch, miniseries end and so much more stories are told for readers to enjoy in this week’s Marvel Comics issues.
Venom returns this week after months since Venom #200 saw Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman depart from the title. A brand new creative team takes over the title and the lives of the new Venom, Dylan Brock, and his father Eddie, who now serves the role as the King in Black, God of the Symbiotes. The series will reset back to an Issue #1 label, as writers Al Ewing and Ram V. are accompanied by artist Bryan Hitch to take the lethal protector into the future–or space.
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Venom is not the only one getting a new book this week. While it will not be an ongoing, Fantastic Four‘s The Thing will have a solo, six-issue miniseries kick off as well, though solicitations promise that Ben Grimm will come across familiar faces from the Marvel Universe. While The Thing’s limited series begins, Deadpool: Black, White & Blood comes to the end of its four-issue run.
Of course, there are plenty of other titles for Marvel fans to pick up off the shelves and buy digitally. Spider-Man fans can pick up books featuring Ben Reilly and Miles Morales in The Amazing Spider-Man #78 and Miles Morales: Spider-Man #32, respectively. For X-Men fans, Hellions and Excalibur are out, while other titles out this week include Alien #8, Avengers: Tech-On #4, Eternals #7 (just in time for the new movie), Savage Avengers #26, Star Wars: The High Republic #11 and Strange Academy #13. The previews and solicitations for this week’s issues can be found alphabetically below.
All of these issues go on sale Nov. 10 from Marvel Comics.
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