You are currently viewing Wolverine Dies, Miles Morales Goes Cosmic and More in Marvel's February 2022 Comics – CBR

Wolverine Dies, Miles Morales Goes Cosmic and More in Marvel's February 2022 Comics – CBR

Spider-Gwen goes full Spider-Verse, Spider-Man gets a new Goblin foe, Sabretooth goes solo and more in Marvel’s February comics.
Marvel heads deeper into 2022 with the continuation of what it’s calling the “biggest Wolverine story of all time,” but the publisher isn’t stopping there!
Spider-Gwen returns, and this time she’s hopping across multiple realities on a Spider-Verse style adventure, Ghost Rider celebrates the debut of his latest solo series, and Spider-Woman faces a threat Marvel claims is more dangerous than the Sinister Six.
Meanwhile, The Hulk’s new series continues to smash the Marvel Universe, Spider-Man goes 100% savage, and Miles Morales has to tackle an Infinity Stone-fueled villain – and that’s all before we really dive deep into Daredevil’s crossover event or the latest developments in the X-Men’s corner of the Marvel U!
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